Brit George Heming sets up world's highest pub at Ben Nevis' summit

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George Heming/Cover Images

YouTuber and environmental activist George Heming has climbed 1,345 metres to the summit of Ben Nevis to set up the highest "pub" in the U.K.

To complete the feat, he and pals took up 35 beers to the top of Britain's highest mountain, despite their weight, serving customers at the shelter at the summit - which he turned into a pub offering BrewDog Lost Lager, Archie Curzon's More Lash Lager, and Robbie Knox's Bin Day Lager.

The experience made George and other mountaineers who summited the U.K.'s highest beer drinkers.

The ascent took four hours, with George and his team leaving at 7 am and being ready to open up before midday. In addition to being the highest pub, it was also one of the coldest - with wind chill at the top of the mountain dropping the temperature to a chilly - five degrees Celsius - more than enough to keep the pub's beers cool.

He was also taken aback by the breathtaking views from Ben Nevis, calling it, "The best view from a pub I've ever seen."

The climb up the mountain was not without incident, as the final snow-covered 200 metres presented its difficulties - a final push the prospect of cold beer helped George and his companions get through.

The pub was something of a loss-making venture, however, as the lack of cash on potential customers who'd made the summit meant George ended up not charging for beers.

Mountaineers expecting to have a cold pint at the top of Ben Nevis in future might be disappointed as the pub was only a brief fixture on the top of the mountain, closing after its patrons had shared a beer and moved on - with a permanent hostelry somewhat difficult to establish given its remoteness and the difficulty of getting staff wanting to make the long commute.

In addition to running his own YouTube channel, George runs his organisation, 100 Tons of Plastic, which works with schools and businesses to reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans.

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