The Brit Awards 2024, TV review: Kylie Minogue and Raye dazzled but the rest was dull

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue's performance was one of the few highlights - REUTERS

The Brit Awards (ITV) have always been a shambles but down the decades there was always some entertainment value mixed in with the chaos. In recent years, however, the UK music industry’s annual back-slapping extravaganza has pivoted towards a sort of flailing dreariness – and this year’s ITV broadcast was a toe-curler for ages.

Clocking in at an exhausting two-and-half-hours, the ceremony was rocky from the start – and that was just the Dua Lipa dancers who had drawn the short straw and were forced to stand on one another’s shoulders and loom, wobbling, over the singer as she belted out a song that wasn’t the one every knew from Barbie.

Dua  Lipa
The event got off to a rocky start with Dua Lipa's performance - WireImage

The dancers stayed upright, but everything else went downhill. Patchy sound, atrocious gags and intrusive editing out of expletives conspired to make the event a chaotic endurance test.

The pre-watershed f-bomb excision was especially cumbersome : ITV had dispensed with a bleeping machine and instead just cut the mic feed, leaving background noise to whoosh in and the viewer to wonder if something was up with their TV.

No, your television was fine. The same could not always be said of the trio of presenters, however. Clara Amfo and Maya Jama were adequate without ever threatening to be memorable.

Brit Awards hosts Roman Kemp, Maya Jama & Clara Amfo
Brit Awards hosts Roman Kemp, Maya Jama & Clara Amfo - ITV

But spare us the cheeky chappy anti-humour of Roman Kemp, who described rapper Aitch as the “Aldi Eminem” and tried a Captain Tom joke toward the end of the night but seemed to lose courage as he took a run at the punchline.

He had also inherited the dreadful Jack Whitehall mantel of banterer-in-chief with the stars. You could feel time slow and then move backwards as he cajoled Kylie Minogue into slurping grog from a shoe; later he had the teetotal Clavin Harris slam a mocktail in what was revealed to be a tired Saltburn gag.

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue was encouraged to do what Australians call 'a shooey' - Getty

There came a point where you were almost nostalgic for the halcyon days of James Corden.

It was a shame the Brits failed to deliver because threaded through the ceremony was the genuinely feel-good story of singer Raye scooping a record six gongs. Frozen out by her record label because she refused to make generic dance music, she’d had to fight for her freedom as an artist – and at the O2 was rewarded with a sweep of accolades.

Kylie Minogue and Raye
Kylie Minogue and Raye delivered five-star performances - Kate Green/Getty

She also gave a devastating live performance, where she was that rare musician on the night who didn’t hide behind ranks of backing dancers. Her music and her story were a five-star triumph – especially when she hauled up her grandmother for a big sob at the end.

Likewise coming away with dignity intact was Kylie Minogue, who romped through a dazzling medley of her hits and accepted a lifetime achievement award. She thanked her fans, waved to Raye and had kind words for the young musicians from the Brit School she had met earlier in the evening. It was slick, heartfelt and classy – the Brit Awards producers could take a few pointers.