Brit Awards 2024: Raye wins a record six awards including Artist of the Year

Raye celebrates with her half-dozen Brits
Raye celebrates with her half-dozen Brits - Jeff Spicer/WireImage

Completing the comeback journey of a lifetime, the remarkable Raye dominated the 2024 Brit Awards, winning all but one of the prizes she was nominated for and setting a new record in the process.

The singer walked away with big awards like Album of the Year – as well as, somewhat confusingly, Best New Artist – taking home six gongs altogether.

Other winners included Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris, Jungle, Boygenius, Miley Cyrus and SZA, although few of the international artists bothered to accept in person, contributing to the ceremony’s rather lacklustre feeling.

But Kylie Minogue, honoured as the Global Icon, ended the night on a high with a medley of her pop hits.

Here’s the 2024 Brits as it happened.

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Padam padam!

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Kylie closes the show

We can forgive her a waffly speech because...she’s Kylie! And she can bust out a medley of stone-cold bangers that makes everyone feel good. That’s a gift.

Neil shares his final thoughts on a night of mixed fortunes. “The Brits ceremony has been an embarrassment for the British music business, and not just because its big winner was a woman who spent years being underestimated, stymied and eventually dumped by a major record label. The cheesy presenters, the crass sex and booze jokes, the failure to attract any American stars to the ceremony – really, UK music deserves better than this.

“But it was redeemed by the elevation of Raye and then the immaculate Kylie Minogue reminding us that at its best pop is like pure oxygen. If you’re tired of Kylie, then you’re tired of life, as Samuel Johnson would have said if he’d been a 21st-century pop critic.”

Read Neil’s full Brits analysis here.

Kylie performs at the 2024 Brits
Kylie performs at the 2024 Brits - JMEnternational/Getty

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Kylie receives her Global Icon Award

Dua Lipa is back (in a DIFFERENT black leather ensemble!) to present this award to enduring queen of pop Kylie Minogue.

“I’m just going to be sobbing with Raye,” jokes Kylie, kicking off a short, sweet and platitude-laden speech. “It’s been a lifetime of experiences together.” “You have my heart forever.” etc.

Then it’s back to our presenters to tell us all about the stuff we’ve just seen, in case we suffered a head injury in the past 10 minutes – or joined in Roman’s shoe-drinking.

Kylie accepts her Global Icon award
Kylie accepts her Global Icon award - Max Cisotti/Dave Benett/Getty

10:35 PM GMT

Raye wins Album of the Year

Well, that’s hardly a surprise – but what a haul! That’s officially a record-breaking SIX WINS.

And finally, a presenter that actually makes sense: the head of the Brit School, which has been shouted out numerous times by artists tonight.

“You don’t understand what this means to me!” sobs Raye. She comes up on stage with her grandma, who was “up till 3am” praying for her. “I’m ugly crying on national television,” she exclaims. “All I ever wanted to be was an artist – and now I’m an artist with an Album of the Year!”

Raye with her grandmother
Raye with her grandmother - REUTERS/Isabel Infantes

“Raye has won pretty much every category she was nominated for,” observes Neil. “It’s not a bad return for a woman who was dropped by major label Polydor (part of Universal) in 2022.

“It would be an understatement to say the Brit Awards 2024 belonged to Raye. It would be more accurate to say she swept the red carpet, wiped the floor with all opposition and left the British music industry with egg all over its face. This wasn’t so much a victory as an annihilation.”

“That may have been the most blubbery speech in the history of the Brits,” he adds. But it was also “the highlight of the evening and made it almost worth enduring all the rubbish beforehand. Well done, Raye. Britain’s newest future superstar is officially here.

10:32 PM GMT

Rema performs

...his very catchy track Calm Down.

Neil says: “I’m not sure what Rema’s doing here. He’s not British, and he didn’t win anything. But he’s killing it on stage. I think that was my favourite performance of the night.”

Seconded, although I’m still recovering from Raye.

Rema performs at the 2024 Brits
Rema performs at the 2024 Brits - TOLGA AKMEN/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

10:26 PM GMT

Miley Cyrus wins International Song of the Year

Presented, of course, by a RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant and comedian Rob Beckett – sadly now bereft of the giraffe costume. The former, Bimini, takes the opportunity to make a statement about trans rights.

“I called this one,” says Neil of Miley’s win. “Well, you can’t argue with an earworm that’s still going round my head a year after it was released. ‘I can buy myself flowers / Write my name in the sand...’ Don’t get me started.

“That’s the last international award. Astonishingly, this must be the first award ceremony in many a year when Taylor Swift didn’t win something.”

OF COURSE Miley is a no-show. “I wonder if she sent flowers?” quips Neil.

He adds: “There’s only one big award left, the all-important Album of the Year. Raye’s up for it, so everyone else might as well go home now and beat the taxi queue.”

Miley's video message
Miley's video message - JMEnternational/Getty

10:19 PM GMT

Roman makes a ghastly Saltburn gag

If you’ve seen it know the scene, the bathtub one. Young Kemp, HILARIOUSLY, re-creates this concept with a bottle of “Harry Styles’s bathwater”, which he forces upon poor Calvin Harris.

This is starting to feel like a bona-fide hostage situation.

10:16 PM GMT

Raye wins Artist of the Year

Actor Jonathan Bailey is our next strange choice of presenter. At least he comes wearing a fabulous shiny blouse that makes him look like he’s about to hop onto the ice and give us his Bolero.

Raye looks confused – did she hear her name, did she not believe it? It’s a while before she gets up.

Eventually she does, and she shouts out Croydon. “This is wild!” she cackles. “Somebody take this mic off me, I’ve had my first drink.”

They made that actor read out ten names, when we all know there’s only one contender now,” comments Neil. “Raye looks incredulous to get the big one. If she was really going to dish the dirt on all the people who held her back and put her down in the business (as she once intimated to me) then now was surely the moment. But all the love in the room must be making her magnanimous. Or maybe she’s been drinking from Roman Kemp’s shoe?”

Raye wins Artist of the Year
Raye wins Artist of the Year - Max Cisotti/Dave Benett/Getty

10:10 PM GMT

Becky Hill performs with Chase & Status

And she’s in black leather! Drink! (Actually, if that’s on your Brits bingo, you might need a stomach pump.)

Becky Hill performs at the 2024 Brits
Becky Hill performs at the 2024 Brits - Max Cisotti/Dave Benett/Getty

10:06 PM GMT

Chase & Status win Producer of the Year

Which we already knew, but now the duo get the award given to them by yet another unfathomable presenter combo. Groans Neil: “‘Do we have one of the most exciting talents in the Premiere League? You bet.’ That’s what I come to a music award ceremony for, to see...footballers?

“They should have Jason Statham to introduce Chase & Status, just for the rhyming lols.”

It must be noted that Neil’s joke there is better than anything we’ve heard on the show tonight. By a long, long way.

Proving my point: Roman just made a heinous stab at jumping on the Willy Wonka Experience bandwagon. GIVE IT UP ALREADY.

Anyway, of the actual winners, Neil notes, accurately: “Chase & Status have an image as cutting-edge dance bruisers, but dragged out from behind the decks they look like a couple of geography teachers on a big night out.”

Chase & Status accept their Brit
Chase & Status accept their Brit - Samir Hussein/WireImage

09:55 PM GMT

Raye kills it

This must be a seriously nerve-racking moment – yes, she’s on a high tonight, but she now has to prove to everyone why she’s been so garlanded. (Plus Raye’s music is so deeply personal and deeply felt.) AND SHE DOES. For the first time in this lacklustre show, the audience actually goes wild.

Raye performs at the 2024 Brits
Raye performs at the 2024 Brits - Max Cisotti/Dave Benett/Getty

“That was a bold opening from Raye,” says Neil. “Taking her moment in the spotlight to deliver her most forensically savage song Ice Cream Man, addressing sexual abuse within the music business. You get the sense she has waited a long time for this.

“Piano, orchestra, choir...jazzing up heavy lyrical pop songs... She may have tried to pull off a bit too much in this medley and if you didn’t know Raye’s music before now, you’d probably be quite confused. But there’s no doubting the woman is bold, brave and can sing like a dream.”

Rather endearingly, this old tweet of Raye’s is doing the rounds...

09:52 PM GMT

Boygenius wins International Group

As another random pairing approaches the mic, Neil shares his frustration. “Who are these presenters? Call me a sad old muso, but I despair at this parade of actors from unrelated TV shows and minor British celebrities presenting music awards. It’s all about being recognised by an ITV audience, rather than paying respect to the musicians.”

This is another no-show winner. Sums up Neil: “Three of the most talented American songwriters around at the moment – and not one of them could be bothered to cross the Atlantic to be forced to drink out of a shoe by Roman Kemp.”

09:43 PM GMT

Dua Lipa wins Pop Act

Exactly why are Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy presenting an award? Did I nod off and miss some kind of logical explanation?


“Pop goes to Dua Lipa, which is fair enough,” reflects Neil. “This means it won’t be a clean sweep for Raye, but picking up RnB and Pop Act would have just made her look greedy. Dua Lipa has been the reigning UK star of recent years, a veritable pop machine, even when she’s not releasing music. Last year was a relatively quiet one for her, but her Barbie film song hit the zeitgeist, and she’s clearly already on the hunt for more of these next year.

“Dua Lipa thanks her ‘dad-ager’ – a sneaky reference to the fact that she sacked Tap Management, who built her career, and got her dad to manage her last year instead.”

Dua Lipa wins for Pop Act
Dua Lipa wins for Pop Act - JMEnternational/Getty

09:41 PM GMT

More presenter babble

Clara and Maya exchange barely intelligible chirps about how “This is an iconic moment” and something they’ve always dreamt of doing. They sound more like competition winners than pros.

Oh nooo, and now a cringey Traitors skit – ALMOST salvaged by having Diane and Ross taking part, but not really. For a show that’s meant to be celebrating the new, the cutting-edge, the sound of tomorrow, it’s doing an awful lot of lazy cadging off older programmes, films and trends that have long since finished.

09:39 PM GMT

Jungle are back to perform

For once, no one is wearing leather! Instead, we get funky dancers, fringing and a giant disco ball. It’s a nice change of pace.

Neil says: “Jungle get to show why live audiences around the UK have come to love them. I know many who consistently proclaim them the best band in Britain. Warm, soulful and groovy.”

Jungle perform at the 2024 Brits
Jungle perform at the 2024 Brits - JMEnternational/Getty

09:34 PM GMT

Casisdead wins Hip hop/Grime/Rap Act

Says Neil: “This is going to be a ‘Who? What?’ moment for most viewers, I suspect… even some hip hop fans. He’s an odd, experimental rapper, but he was an outrider for me. I genuinely think his long-awaited dystopian sci-fi debut album Famous Last Words was the most interesting British rap record released year. What is this, the Mercury Awards in disguise?

“Casisdead usually wears a mask in public. So to hip hop heads, this is the unmasked rapper.”

The unmasked Casisdead
The unmasked Casisdead - REUTERS/Isabel Infantes

09:31 PM GMT

Calvin Harris wins Dance Act

Saltburn’s Alison Oliver (yes, there’s no escaping it!) joins Charli XCX to present. The latter shouts out “all the hot girls”. Like every piece of audience interaction tonight, this falls utterly flat.

Neil says: “Dance Act goes to 40 year old Scotsman Calvin Harris. And they call it youth culture. I guess he’s made a lot of people dance over the years.”

Calvin Harris accepts his award
Calvin Harris accepts his award - REUTERS/Isabel Infantes

09:27 PM GMT

Raye wins Best New Artist

“Raye wins Best New Artist, after nine years in biz and five years of hits,” muses Neil. “It’s official, they are going to give her everything tonight.

“Even Raye looks bemused. ‘What is actually happening right now, cos I just don’t understand.’

“Then Claro Amfo gives her the Songwriting award. Awards are like buses tonight… You wait for ages then they all come at once.”

Raye finishes on a serious note. “British record music industry, please: I just to have a conversation about normalising giving songwriters master royalty points. It can be net costs, it doesn’t have to be at your expense. But it means if songs win big, the writers win big too.”

Raye juggling awards
Raye juggling awards - REUTERS/Isabel Infantes

09:20 PM GMT

The presenters’ schtick hits a new low

Was there any further to go, you may have wondered? I give you a guy with a compass tattoo on his head, which apparently signals where the loos are. Bants!!

Neil concurs. “The cheesy radio presenters are so wrong for this ceremony. Bad sex jokes and drinking. Is this a glamorous music biz award or a night out at a high street disco?”

09:19 PM GMT

Tate McRae performs

“‘Canada has produced some of the biggest stars in the world,’ says Roman Kemp, before introducing a Canadian star most viewers probably haven’t heard of.”

Neil’s got a point, although Tate McRae’s music has, Kemp notes, been streamed more than seven billion times. Ask yer kids.

“To be fair, Tate McRae is a young star with a dedicated following who is building up a head of steam,” admits Neil. “But as a representative of international pop, I’m betting her invitation to perform came after Taylor, SZA, Olivia Rodrigo and Lana Del Rey all made their excuses.”

Well, there’s a lot of hair-flipping and shoving her glittery bra at the camera. My life remains unchanged by the actual music.

Bright young thing Tate McRae
Bright young thing Tate McRae - TOLGA AKMEN/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

09:15 PM GMT

SZA wins International Artist of the Year

Downton’s Joanne Froggatt is next up to present – also wearing black leather! Did the Brits get a job lot?

SZA wins, holding off Taylor (gasp) and our Kylie (double gasp), but can’t be arsed to accept in person. Boo.

Neil’s verdict: “‘Sorry I can’t be there,’ says SZA, and doesn’t add that she had paint to watch drying. I assumed Taylor Swift had this sown up, but she was probably busy doing her nails. The Americans really don’t care about the Brits.”

09:09 PM GMT

Track all the winners

We’ve got a handy list of all the Brits nominees and winners here.

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How is Kylie feeling?

Why won’t people stop asking her? Roman Kemp is the latest to put this inane question to her. And then he demands they drink from her shoe.


Adds Neil: “OK, a joke about Athlete’s Foot there. I am starting to understand why American superstars don’t come to the Brits.”

09:04 PM GMT

Bring Me the Horizon win Alternative/Rock Act

The Sheffield group see off big names like Blur and The Rolling Stones. They’re obviously shocked: ITV bleeps out most of it. One cheeky line that gets through: “Cheers to the Brits for making the voting system so complicated only our fans could be bothered.”

Neil says: “Like Jungle, they are another undersung British band who have been doing great work for years, mashing together genres. They went to school with the Arctic Monkeys so its nice for them to finally get an award of their own.

“The Rolling Stones were robbed, obviously.”

Winners Bring Me The Horizon
Winners Bring Me The Horizon - James Manning/PA Wire

09:01 PM GMT

Raye wins RnB Act

“I was told a lie: that RnB doesn’t sell in the UK,” recalls Raye. She shouts out Mahalia, who campaigns to have this award added to the Brits roster.

Neil thinks this win is “a bit reductive if you ask me. She seems a bit surprised by it herself. Her music is bigger and wider than a single genre. It is her second Brit of a possible seven. Still excited, but if she keeps picking up awards all night, she’s gonna be so blasé by the time it comes to the big ones.”

Raye wins RnB Act
Raye wins RnB Act - JMEnternational/Getty

08:55 PM GMT

Ellie Goulding believes in a miracle

She’s performing her hit dance track, while wearing a leotard/wedding cake.

Neil says: “Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris get the dry ice and lasers out. But their best special effect is Ellie’s voice. Who needs autotune when you’ve got built-in vibrato?”

Ellie Goulding performs
Ellie Goulding performs - TOLGA AKMEN/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

08:48 PM GMT

Jungle win Group of the Year

Neil is unimpressed by our next presenter. “‘We are thrilled to be back in the UK with so many amazing artist,’ says Billy Joe Armstrong with  all the enthusiasm of a newsreader on Mogadon.

“Group of the year goes to Jungle. They are a really fine bunch of groove masters who have been doing fantastic live work for years, with little acknowledgment. It feels more like a lifetime achievement than recognition for anything from the past year. Blur might feel a little aggrieved but I think Damon Albarn is probably a Jungle fan.”

The mighty Jungle
The mighty Jungle - JMEnternational/Getty

08:44 PM GMT

Raye wins Song of the Year

Post office scandal victim Jo Hamilton and actress Monica Dolan, of that incredible drama, are up to present. “Please keep supporting us, because despite what the Government say, they’re not paying the postmasters,” says Hamilton. Neil notes: “We’re already discussing the postmaster scandal. What a British show the Brits is.”

Neil says: “Raye wins Song of the Year, the first award of the night. Is she going to use this as a platform to vent about the music business, or save her fire for later? It could be a big night, so I hope she’s got enough speeches up her sleeves. Well, she hasn’t got any sleeves, but you know what I mean.”

A sweetly nervous Raye says “I’m shaking” as she looks at her gong. She thanks her small distribution company Human Resources – “no one else would take my songs.” They all look like idiots now.

Neil adds: “Raye already seems a bit overexcited, given that she could be picking up seven of these. ‘Thank you to my team, I’ve always dreamed of saying that…’”

Raye wins Song of the Year
Raye wins Song of the Year - Karwai Tang

08:39 PM GMT

Here come our hosts

That’s Clara Amfo, Maya Jama and nepo baby Roman Kemp. Like everyone, they’re mostly psyched to see Kylie (quite right).

Oh no, they’ve introduced a kiss cam. Peter Crouch refuses to smooch wife Abbey Clancy. Ah, this is all a set-up for Kylie to pretend to kiss Roman Kemp. Awkward.

Brits presenters Maya Jama, Roman Kemp and Clara Amfo
Brits presenters Maya Jama, Roman Kemp and Clara Amfo - Max Cisotti/Dave Benett/Getty Images

08:34 PM GMT

Dua Lipa opens the show

We’re off! The first performance comes from Dua Lipa, once again rocking the leather – now a jacket, hotpants and boots. Her dancers are all leather-clad too, and are occasionally yanked into the air by wires. It looks like a lost scene from Blade, crossed with a particularly moody Cirque du Soleil show.

Says Neil: “Dua Lipa not wasting any primetime television, kicking things off with a promo for her new single, Training Season, in a pair of shorts skimpy and tight enough to arguably be a tribute to Kylie.”

Dua Lipa performing
Dua Lipa performing - Max Cisotti/Dave Benett/Getty

08:21 PM GMT

Who’s taking the big trophies?

Neil says: “Song of the Year. There’s too many contenders to discuss their various merits. But Raye’s fantastic Escapism is in there, so I’m going to give it to her. Should win: Raye. Will win: Raye.

“Best New Artist. Raye is in this category too. But surely you can’t win Best New Artist and Artist of the Year? I’m holding out for the big one for Raye. So out of Mahalia, Olivia Dean, PinkPantheress and Yussef Dayes, I’m going to go eenie-meenie-miney-mo … Should Win: Yussef Dayes. Will win: PinkPantheress.

“Group of the Year. Why are the Rolling Stones not in this category? How does a one-off collaboration between rappers Headie One and K-trap qualify as a group? Are electro-dance duo Chase and Status really a group? Young Fathers are a fierce trio, but still more beloved of critics than the public. So I’ll give this to revived Britpop champions Blur. Should Win: Blur. Will win: Blur.

PinkPantheress at the 2024 Brit Awards
PinkPantheress at the 2024 Brit Awards - Samir Hussein/WireImage

“There are 10 names in the Artist of the Year category, which is probably to make up for dropping gender-specific categories. I’m not convinced nine of these artists even deserve to be here. Should win: Raye. Will win: Raye.

“Album of the Year. The big one. Were there five British albums last year that really impacted on popular culture? Blur made a stir with their art-rock comeback, and played two shows at Wembley Stadium. J Hus brings a smooth blend of world sounds into his UK hip hop but did he really cut through to the mainstream?

“Little Simz is the most intense and intelligent rapper in the UK, but her album No Thank You was a very dark and personal project that was given a very lowkey release, made no impact on the charts, and doesn’t even aspire to hitting the grand hits of her previous outstanding album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert. I’m surprised that she is on this list. Young Fathers are making headway with their fierce and political rap meets experimental rock and dance, like a more ragged Massive Attack, but are much more beloved of critics than listeners. Raye, well, you know how I feel about her. Should win: Raye. Will win: my heart says Raye, my nerves say Blur.

08:17 PM GMT

CMAT is menacing the red carpet

The Irish singer-songwriter, who’s letting it all hang out tonight, mischievously commented on “the craic” – or should that be “crack”? She said of her nomination that it “feels like someone is doing a practical joke”, and when interviewer Jack Saunders recalled her playing a literal practical joke on him involving a flower, she quipped “I squirted you with my ring.”

CMAT thinks she has no hope of winning – “I’m up against Kylie Minogue” – but if she does, Brits organisers might just have a full-blown panic attack.

Am I now rooting for her? Maybe.

CMAT at the 2024 Brit Awards
CMAT at the 2024 Brit Awards - REUTERS/Maja Smiejkowska

08:13 PM GMT

Will Miley and Taylor triumph tonight?

Neil says: “International Song of the Year has to go to Miley Cyrus for Flowers, surely? It came out at the start of 2023 and I’m still humming it today. All together now: “I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand …” Should win: Miley Cyrus. Will win: Miley Cyrus.

“International Group of the Year candidates are veteran pop punkers Blink 182, supergroup of singer-songwriters Boygenius, Dave Grohl’s popular rabble-rousers Foo Fighters, electro-gospel-soul trio Gabriels, and fierce post-emo rockers Paramore. Do groups really matter any more in today’s music environment? Well, these ones all make a good account of themselves but Boygenius are the ones who tapped into the pulse of the age. Should Win: Boygenius. Will win: Boygenius.

“International Artist of the Year: lots of contenders here from across the musical spectrum. Afropop champions Asake and Burna Boy had fantastic years bringing new sounds into the pop mainstream, Caroline Polachek is an outstanding artist making work that is shaping the future parameters of pop, CMAT is an audacious Irish alternative singer-songwriter, Kylie needs no introductions, Lana Del Rey has created a whole genre of her own, SZA has been burning it up on the future RnB front, and Miley Cyrus and Olivia Rodrigo have nailed the pop hits. But let’s face it, it’s Taylor Swift’s world right now, we all just live in it. Should win: Caroline Polachek. Will win: Taylor Swift.

It's Taylor's world
It's Taylor's world - Ashok Kumar/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

08:08 PM GMT

The Brits runners and riders

Neil shares his predictions: “Starting with the genre categories – and it looks like Raye could be in with an early shout for RnB Act, although she is also nominated for Pop Act. Is there a difference these days? The other RnB nominees Cleo Sol, Jorja Smith, Mahalia and mysterious collective SAULT. All talented, all deserving. I’d give it to SAULT, just to see who they send to collect it. But I suspect Raye might have this one in the bag. Should win: SAULT. Will win: Raye.

“Raye is also nominated for Pop Act, along with Calvin Harris, Charlie XCX, Dua Lipa and Olivia Dean. Three of them are performing tonight, so I’m guessing one of them has won. Dua Lipa looks like a good shout, but if Raye’s  going to make a historic clean sweep she will have to see the Barbie girl off. Should win: Dua Lipa. Will win: Raye.

“Dance Act nominees are Barry Can’t Swim, Becky Hill, Calvin Harris, Fred Again and Romy. Becky Hill usually wins this. Fred Again has been the mover and shaker in British dance music these past few years, popularising a new brand of uplifting house. Surely time to give him his Brits crown? Should win: Fred Again. Will win: Becky Hill.

Becky Hill at the 2024 Brit Awards
Becky Hill at the 2024 Brit Awards - Ian West/PA Wire

“Hip Hop/Grime/Rap Act is an interesting one. It wasn’t an outstanding year for UK rap, with lots of interesting single but only a few really accomplished albums. Central Cee has been the breakout star, and even registered in the US, so surely he is the man to beat. But J Hus is probably the genres most accomplished producer, Dave makes music that resonates deeply in British pop culture and Little Simz is, to my mind, the UK’s finest rapper, albeit her latest album was a very personal and slightly under-the-radar release.

“Cassisdead is an offbeat veteran who has been releasing singles and Eps since 2005, but made his long playing debut with a very interesting sci-fi dystopian-themed concept album, Famous Last Words. Probably a bit obscure for the Brits though. Should Win: Cassisdead. Will win: Central Cee.

“Alternative/Rock Act. The nominees are Blur, Bring Me The Horizon and The Rolling Stones, who could all potentially win, plus alternative rap trio Young Fathers and jazz drummer Yussef Dayes (not quite sure what he’s doing here, but he’s great live). Sentimentally, I’d love to see the salty dogs in the Stones win something, but Britpop heroes Blur have staged the great comeback of the year. Should win: The Rolling Stones. Will win: Blur.”

Young Fathers at the 2024 Brit Awards
Young Fathers at the 2024 Brit Awards - REUTERS/Maja Smiejkowska

07:57 PM GMT

Who is definitely winning?

“There’s four we already know,” explains Neil. “Kylie Minogue is getting the Global Icon award. No arguments there. She’s  a pop superstar who has been having a fantastic year with her resurgent hit Padam Padam, excellent Tension album and a thrilling Vegas show. Whatever else happens, Kylie should end the night in glorious style.

Kylie at the 2024 Brit Awards
Kylie at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty

“Last Dinner Party have been given the Rising Star award, and they are definitely the most exciting British band around at the moment, a gang of unruly women making flamboyant art rock that marries Roxy Music and Arcade Fire, but in much nicer frocks.” Incidentally, the band just received their award from St Vincent on the ITV2 show.

“Chase and Status have been named producers of the year. The crowd pleasing electronic duo have been making banging records for long to warrant admiration, so fair enough, albeit actual producers who spend their lives making records for other artists might have a justifiable grump about that.

“Raye has been named Songwriter of the Year. I guess it guarantees that the most-nominated artist of the evening at least has a reason to turn up. And she is a very talented songwriter, a gifted pianist and outstanding singer whose music manages to be shinily modern yet full of classic retro depths, with lyrics that engage wittily and passionately with serious issues. She’s a top talent and in my opinion she deserves to win every category tonight. Even the ones she’s not nominated for. Just give her the lot and get it over with!”

07:52 PM GMT

Who’s ready for Padam plus?

“What a miracle it is,” says Raye of her multiple Brits nominations as the red carpet chat continues. She adds that winning Songwriter of the Year ahead of time took the pressure off and “is a beautiful thing”, although she admits to nerves for her upcoming performance.

Kylie promises “Padam plus” for her show-closing Brits performance (YES).

Breakthrough artist Olivia Dean, who has three nominations, is pleased to note that her purple dress matches the Brits trophy – good omen? We’ll soon find out.

Olivia Dean at the 2024 Brit Awards
Olivia Dean at the 2024 Brit Awards - Ian West/PA Wire

07:44 PM GMT

Revenge time for Raye

“It should be a huge night for Raye, which would be a good thing,” says Neil. “I’m a big fan. Her debut album, My 21st Century Blues, was my album of the year, and she played some of the best shows I saw all year. I thought she should have won the Mercury Prize last year, and she should definitely win big at the Brits. The narrative of being dropped by a major record company and then becoming the most garlanded artist at the British music business awards is too juicy to resist.

“If Raye does win big at the Brits tonight, it might make some in the business nervous. ‘I hope that one day, you know, I can even win an award in front of like all the music industry,’ Raye told me when I interviewed her last year, before adding: ‘Then I can really say some s---.’”

Raye at the 2024 Brit Awards
Raye at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty

07:42 PM GMT

What does the Brits tell us about the state of the industry?

Neil has some interesting thoughts ahead of tonight’s ceremony. “OK, here we go again. Brushing down my best suit for the British music business’s propaganda parade, where (in a triumph of optimism over experience) we hope that the deserving music will win awards, the unworthy will be left weeping in their champagne glasses, the comedians’ jokes will land, the viewers will be dazzled by outrageously choreographed performances, and Britain will at least momentarily be able to convince itself it is a global pop superpower. Is that too much to ask? (Don’t answer that)

“I have to admit I am a little bit underwhelmed by the advertised bill of performers tonight. There are some obvious attractions. Dua Lipa is the UK star of the moment, and always puts on a slickly choreographed production. Kylie Minogue, basking in the glow of her Global Icon Award, is sure to be a treat. And with her record breaking seven-nominations to live up to, Raye is surely gonna be a show-stopping blast.

Dua Lipa at the 2024 Brit Awards
Dua Lipa at the 2024 Brit Awards - CARLOS JASSO/AFP via Getty

“But that’s it for the heavy-hitters. No disrespect to the other talented performers (fantastic groovers Jungle, electronic shouters Chase and Status with dance queen Becky Hill, superproducer Calvin Harris with big-voiced Ellie Goulding, energetic Canadian pop starlet Tate McRae and, er, Nigerian rapper Rema) but they are going to have their work cut out to keep a mainstream TV audience glued to their screens. We could have done with a blast of Blur, The Rolling Stones or Bring Me the Horizon to raise the rock temperature and name recognition quotient.

“The Brits is effectively primetime televised advertorial for UK music, promoted with maximum glitter and bombast, albeit it is hard to escape the feeling that it is all window dressing when so few British artists are currently having genuine commercial impact beyond these shores. Looking at the list of this year’s BRITS nominees, some would struggle to sell out a small theatre tour, whilst Britain’s actual superstars have mostly been disregarded.

“Somehow, the ever-shifting makeup of the voting academy (tinkered with every year to reflect various concerns of inclusivity) resulted in there being no meaningful nominations for a handful of UK stars with genuine global reach – Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, Blur and those salty dogs The Rolling Stones. It is hard to get the balance right, but the Brits has to find a way to acknowledge status and success alongside artistic accomplishments.”

07:35 PM GMT

Dua Lipa has entered the chat

In other words, the red carpet interviews have kicked off on ITV2, with Dua Lipa politely answering some cheerfully insane questions.

She promises “a spectacle” and “a party” in her Brits performance. More revelations as we get them.

07:33 PM GMT

We have a new red carpet queen

Says Tamara: “Wow. Maya Jama just stole the show. We can all go home now.”

Maya Jama at the 2024 Brit Awards
Maya Jama at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jeff Spicer/WireImage

Tamara is also loving this daring choice from our favourite football pundit. “This is a great look on Alex Scott. Celebrity midriffs are everywhere these days, but this dress is original.”

Alex Scott at the 2024 Brit Awards
Alex Scott at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty

07:32 PM GMT

Who says men don’t have fun on the red carpet?

“Not Aitch,” says Tamara, “in his tiger-like jacket and brown trousers.” Roar.

Aitch at the 2024 Brit Awards
Aitch at the 2024 Brit Awards - Ian West/PA Wire

She adds: “Jacob Collier’s colour-blocked look is so fun. The utilitarian cut of the jacket keeps it modern.”

Jacob Collier at the 2024 Brit Awards
Jacob Collier at the 2024 Brit Awards - JMEnternational/Getty

Elsewhere, let’s salute a practical nominee. “Little Simz is perhaps the only person who actually dressed for the weather, in an olive trench and fluffy pink hat.”

Little Simz at the 2024 Brit Awards
Little Simz at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty

And finally, here is the UK’s Eurovision hopeful. “Olly Alexander is wearing a vintage Alexander McQueen coat from 1997, which was part of the V&A Savage Beauty exhibition.”

Olly Alexander at the 2024 Brit Awards
Olly Alexander at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jeff Spicer/WireImage

07:16 PM GMT

Kylie is spinning around

At least, that’s how I think she lost one of her doily leg warmers.

Tamara’s more sensible verdict: “Kylie’s strapless ensemble features a sculpted hip and ruffled leg. Not an easy look to attempt but she nails it.”

Kylie at the 2024 Brit Awards
Kylie at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty

Also, Tamara is delighted that Annie Mac is on trend. “She’s rocking the Telegraph Fashion Desk-approved red socks look.”

Annie Mac at the 2024 Brit Awards
Annie Mac at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty

07:05 PM GMT

£7,000 party bag, anyone?

For lucky VIP guests of the Warner Brits afterparty hosted at the five-star Nomad hotel in Covent Garden (Dua Lipa, Kylie, Maya Jama, Rio Ferdinand among them), a goodie bag worth an eye-watering £7,000 will be theirs for the banking.

What could it possibly include, you ask? Well, highlights are: dinner for two at the Nomad Hotel, an annual Everyman cinema membership, a membership at the Ned’s Vault bar (with £500 credit), limited edition necklaces from Philip and Charlotte Colbert, an appointment for Cryotherapy and Biohacking, as well as various luxury skincare experiences and products.

07:04 PM GMT

Raye has made her grand entrance

The singer is “wearing a black embellished gown with a Bardot neckline,” says Tamara. Very classy.

Raye at the 2024 Brit Awards
Raye at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty

Going a different way... “Leopard print is back, and Abbey Clancey is wasting no time telling us. Animal print king Roberto Cavalli is behind her look,” reports Tamara.

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy at the 2024 Brit Awards
Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy at the 2024 Brit Awards - Dave Benett/Getty

06:48 PM GMT

The girls strike back

Last year, the Brits got into hot water after they switched to gender-neutral categories – and wound up with an all-male nominees list for Best Artist. The 2024 list for that category has been extended from five to 10 nominees (a slightly weaselly solution), and women have the slight edge, nabbing six of those slots.

But with the likes of Raye, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus leading the charge, the Brits will surely reflect what has been a sensational year for female artists.

Miley Cyrus is nominated for two Brit Awards
Miley Cyrus is nominated for two Brit Awards - MIKE BLAKE

06:42 PM GMT

Not all heroes wear capes

...some wear psychedelic cape-dresses. “Jessie Ware’s iridescent look is all drama – the kind of look that makes her seem like she’s having the most fun on the red carpet tonight,” proclaims Tamara.

Jessie Ware at the 2024 Brit Awards
Jessie Ware at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty

Also looking Strictly fabulous: former ballroom queen Oti Mabuse. Tamara says: “She made the most of those dancer’s legs with a neon minidress and sandals that laced up to the thigh.

Oti Mabuse at the 2024 Brit Awards
Oti Mabuse at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty

06:38 PM GMT

Kylie and Raye will be performing

In fact, we’re getting eight acts in all tonight. You can also expect live performances from Dua Lipa, Tate McRae, Jungle, Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding, Rema, and Becky Hill with Chase & Status.

Rapper Aitch is definitely Team Kylie.

Who are you looking forward to watching? Let us know in the comments below!

06:32 PM GMT

Someone’s missing a Dalmatian

Tamara says: “Isla Fisher doesn’t do much in the way of red carpets, but when she does, she does it well. This polka dot look is by Monique Lhuillier.”

Isla Fisher at the 2024 Brit Awards
Isla Fisher at the 2024 Brit Awards - Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty

A reality star also caught Tamara’s eye. “Made in Chelsea’s Sophie Habboo is wearing a two-tone dress by Nafsika Skourti,” she reports.

Sophie Habboo at the 2024 Brit Awards
Sophie Habboo at the 2024 Brit Awards - JMEnternational/Getty

Also impressing is the presenter and former Saturdays singer. “Mollie King’s cropped white blazer and slinky silver skirt is a great take on red carpet dressing,” enthuses Tamara.

Mollie King at the 2024 Brit Awards
Mollie King at the 2024 Brit Awards - Dave Hogan/Hogan Media/Shutterstock

06:27 PM GMT

So, who is Raye?

The 26-year-old Londoner (real name Rachel Keen) – and seven-time nominee tonight – has had an extraordinary journey even by the bumpy standards of the music biz. Her label Polydor stubbornly refused to release her debut album, and eventually released her from her contract.

But boy has Raye had the last laugh. She scored a number one with single Escapism, and self-funded her soulful 2023 album My 21st Century Blues – which then became a massive critical and commercial success (and the Telegraph’s album of the year). Read Neil’s brilliant review of Raye here.

Everybody knows her name now: Brits nominee Raye
Everybody knows her name now: Brits nominee Raye - Marc Grimwade/WireImage

06:19 PM GMT

Dua Lipa is making a splash

The singer is nominated for three awards tonight – and she’s definitely winning the red carpet. Tamara adds: “Dua Lipa is also doing the leather look this evening.”

06:15 PM GMT

Why do giraffes have long necks?

Well in this case: so comedian Rob Beckett can plug his new tour, Giraffe. Brass neck, more like.

Rob Beckett at the 2024 Brit Awards
Rob Beckett at the 2024 Brit Awards - Dave Hogan/Hogan Media/Shutterstock

Also turning heads is Irish singer CMAT, nominated for International Artist of the Year. Bottoms up?

CMAT at the 2024 Brit Awards
CMAT at the 2024 Brit Awards - Justin Goff/

06:08 PM GMT

Traitor or faithful?

Mollie Pearce, star of The Traitors’ outrageously good second season, has recovered from THAT betrayal and is now a glam lady in red.

Mollie Pearce at the 2024 Brit Awards
Mollie Pearce at the 2024 Brit Awards - REUTERS/Maja Smiejkowska

Meanwhile, Tamara salutes a trailblazer. “Fleur East has taken maternity dressing to the next level in this jumpsuit and cape look.”

Fleur East at the 2024 Brit Awards
Fleur East at the 2024 Brit Awards - David Fisher/Shutterstock

And tragically Olivia Attwood forgot her gym kit, so she’ll have to do the Brits in her pants.

Olivia Attwood at the 2024 Brit Awards
Olivia Attwood at the 2024 Brit Awards - David Fisher/Shutterstock

06:03 PM GMT

Giving new meaning to statuesque this mystery guest, who came dressed as the Brit Awards statue – or, as I first thought, a weirdly sexy chess piece.

The 'statue' at the Brit Awards 2024
The 'statue' at the Brit Awards 2024 - Dave Hogan/Hogan Media/Shutterstock

05:59 PM GMT

Kylie is already a winner

The pint-sized Australian pop princess, who gifted us with yet another dance craze in the form of Padam Padam, is the recipient of this year’s Brits Global Icon award. Taylor Swift picked up this prestigious gong in 2021.

Other awards that have already been announced include Raye winning Songwriter of the Year, and rockers The Last Dinner Party picking up the Rising Star award.

Speaking of which, the latter are on the carpet – and Tamara approves. “The Last Dinner Party, aka Emily Roberts, Abigail Morris, Aurora Nishevci, Georgia Davies and Lizzie Mayland, succeeded in doing coordinated dressing without looking twee.”

The Last Dinner Party at the Brit Awards 2024
The Last Dinner Party at the Brit Awards 2024 - Gareth Cattermole/Getty

05:55 PM GMT

Upstairs, downstairs

“Actress Joanne Froggatt looks worlds away from her Downton Abbey days in a leather cutaway gown by Tarik Ediz,” says Tamara.

Joanne Froggatt at the 2024 Brit Awards
Joanne Froggatt at the 2024 Brit Awards - David Fisher/Shutterstock

05:41 PM GMT

Who are the big nominees?

It might be a record-breaking night for Raye, who has a whopping seven nominations – including for Artist, Song and Album of the Year. The current record of Brits won at a single ceremony is jointly held by Blur, Adele and Harry Styles, with four a-piece.

Her competition includes Little Simz, Young Fathers, Blur, Dua Lipa, Arlo Parks, J Hus, Ed Sheeran, and Jessie Ware.

The international nominees feature some huge names – Taylor Swift, anyone? – and a song tipped for an Oscar next weekend, Billie Eilish’s Barbie ballad What Was I Made For?. Plus the likes of Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Ray, Olivia Rodrigo, SZA, Doja Cat, and Tate McRae.

Raye has seven nominations
Raye has seven nominations - Erika Goldring/FilmMagic

05:35 PM GMT

Spice up your life

“Tallia Storm paid homage to the infamous Union Jack dress worn by Geri Halliwell (now Horner) to the Brits in 1997, when she was a member of the Spice Girls,” reports Tamara Abraham.

Tallia Storm at the 2024 Brit Awards
Tallia Storm at the 2024 Brit Awards - Ian West/PA Wire

And there’s more fabulous eccentricity to come.

“Fashion designer Dame Zandra Rhodes, famous for her pink hair, proved more is more in a metallic printed gown of her own design, a bold pendant necklace and gold sandals. Somehow, it all looks sensational.”

Zandra Rhodes at the 2024 Brit Awards
Zandra Rhodes at the 2024 Brit Awards - David Fisher/Shutterstock

05:29 PM GMT

Glamour – and gloves – on the red carpet

Speaking of fashion... Tamara Abraham is impressed by some of the Brits’ stylish early birds. “Laura Whitmore was one of the first to arrive in an asymmetric black Azzi & Osta gown, slit to the thigh with crystal hoops across the neckline and sleeve.”

Laura Whitmore at the 2024 Brit Awards
Laura Whitmore at the 2024 Brit Awards - NEIL HALL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

She adds: “Former Pussycat Doll and Strictly star Ashley Roberts wore a white, draped Grecian-inspired halterneck gown.

Ashley Roberts at the Brit Awards 2024
Ashley Roberts at the Brit Awards 2024 - Gareth Cattermole/Getty

“Television presenter Zara McDermott went for old Hollywood glamour in a burgundy lace gown, completed by matching opera gloves – a trend that’s been embraced by the Princess of Wales.

Zara McDermott at the Brit Awards 2024
Zara McDermott at the Brit Awards 2024 - Ian West/PA Wire

“Singer Rebecca Ferguson went for a tweed belted skirt suit, completed by white Mary-Janes and, yes, more gloves. They may well be a theme this evening.”

Rebecca Ferguson at the 2024 Brit Awards
Rebecca Ferguson at the 2024 Brit Awards - Dave Hogan/Hogan Media/Shutterstock

05:23 PM GMT

Where are the Brits this year?

The ceremony is coming to us from the O2 Arena in London, once again, hosted by Clara Amfo, Maya Jama, and Roman Kemp. Yinka Bokinni and Jack Saunders will be conducting red carpet interviews.

Of course, the only question we really need answered is: can anyone possibly top Sam Smith’s insane fetish-bin-bag-Teletubbies fashion disaster from 2023? God I hope so.

Fashion don't: Sam Smith at the 2022 Brits
Fashion don't: Sam Smith at the 2022 Brits - Ian West/PA Wire

05:11 PM GMT

Hello and welcome

…to the 2024 Brit Awards! I’m Marianka Swain, and we’ll be bringing you all the live action from the music industry’s big night, from bizarre red carpet attire through to the performances and winners.

The Telegraph’s discerning music critic Neil McCormick is standing by to offer his expert commentary, and you can watch along with us: the red carpet interviews are on ITV2 from 7:30pm, and the actual ceremony begins at 8:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

We’ve also got Telegraph fashion expert Tamara Abraham sharing her verdict on all the best and worst looks.