Try these brilliant toilet roll crafts for kids

3 brilliant toilet roll projects for kids
Brilliant toilet roll projects for kids Cushelle

Sometimes the best craft supplies are the ones you already have at home - we're talking about the humble toilet roll! Instead of putting them in with the recycling, next time you get to the end of a roll, save it in your craft stash.

Toilet roll crafts first rose to fame during lockdown when most parents needed quick and easy activities to occupy the kids. But there's been no signs of their popularity slowing down. There are so many ways to use toilet rolls for crafts from making toys and games, to decorations and even desk tidies.

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Save your toilet rolls! They’re a great craft material Elena Abrosimova - Getty Images

Along with regular collage supplies like paints and coloured paper, a toilet roll can be given a new lease of life, which is great for the environment and great for your purse!

Toilet roll crafts continue to be one of the most searched for crafts. So whether you're looking for craft projects to do with the kids on a rainy day, or ideas to keep them busy at the weekends, we've compiled some of our favourite toilet roll craft ideas spotted on Instagram. We've also shared some craft video tutorials from toilet roll brand Cushelle.

It's not so much which one of these ideas will your kids make first but how many can they tick off!

Before they get started getting arty with toilet rolls, make sure your craft stash is topped up with collage supplies. Here are some of the basics you'll need for toilet roll crafting.

Video tutorials: crafts you can do with a toilet roll tube, designed by Cushelle

1. Create your own camera using a toilet roll

3 brilliant toilet roll projects for kids

Turn your mini me's into a budding David Bailey with this super-fun camera crafting project in eight easy steps. All you need is a loo roll, string, glue, scissors and some paint.

2. Craft a koala using a toilet roll

3 brilliant toilet roll projects for kids

Any child will love crafting their very own cute Kenny the Koala; a fun and sweet project that will while away the hours and give them a new toy to play with too.

3. Make a DIY hoopla using a toilet roll

3 brilliant toilet roll projects for kids

Fun to make and fun to play! This craft requires lots of cutting and painting for a really good afternoon of crafting that then turns into a great game.

Toilet roll craft ideas: the best inspiration on Instagram

We love getting inspiration for craft projects from Instagram. It's very relaxing scrolling and finding so many new ideas. We think your kids will love these brilliant ways to use a toilet roll for crafting:

Racing car

Turn a toilet roll on its side, help your child cut out the flap at the top and then encourage them to paint it in their favourite colours. Lids from plastic bottles act as great wheels.

Sloth family

A super cute way to bring a smile with a toilet roll. Cut into the tube to make the hanging mother sloth and then use a second and third toilet roll to make the face and baby sloth. Paint the pieces and then stick them together.

Ladybird bracelet

Putting a whole new spin on 'junk jewellery' cut toilet roll so it fits around your child's wrist. Paint it, add the ladybird, also made from toilet roll card and then tape together so it holds.

Shark catch game

These look so realistic and they're a brilliant recycling project. Cut a triangle into one end of a toilet roll, this is the mouth. Staple the other end to close the body and paint it. Stick on the fins, teeth and tail and dangle in a card fish with string. Play the game by trying to catch the fish in the shark's mouth.


Get into the carnival spirit with a pair of handmade maracas. These are a fun percussion musical instrument. Simply fold and squash a toilet roll into a triangular shape, fill the inside with beads or dried beans, tape up and decorate.

Beaver habitat

Transform a toilet roll into a beaver and attach it to a paper plate to create your own beaver habitat. This project is fun to decorate - use collage papers to make 3D leaves and foliage to make your beaver feel at home.

Bird feeder

Try this simple and effective bird feeder which will attract feathered friends into your garden. Simply roll a toilet tube in peanut butter then in bird seeds and hang it up. So clever!

Fox puppet

Now this really is special! Punch some holes into your toilet roll and feed in string for the arms and legs with beads tied at the end. You can use a second roll for the fox face then, just like the other projects give it a good lick of paint.

Mobile phone holder

Such a useful idea! A fun way to decorate this toilet roll craft idea is with strips of washi tape.

Toilet roll necklace

Simple yet stylish! Cut tubes in half, decorate them with felt pens and then string them together. You can be as creative as you like with the design, sticky gems would look great.

The only thing you need to do now is wait for your toilet tissue to run out so you can rescue the rolls!

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