These Are Brighton's Best Ice Cream Shops And Parlours

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Photo credit: Delish UK
Photo credit: Delish UK

We love a British seaside holiday as much as anyone, and what seaside trip is complete without ice cream? We decided to pack our suncream and head down to Brighton in East Sussex for a taste of British summertime and to find the very best ice cream that the south coast city has to offer.

Did you know the history behind the British obsession with the famous 99? Spoiler: it's not actually British... How about Gourmet Italian style gelato's historical roots in the Penny Lick? Or Brighton's early prominence as a massive seaside playground for the rich, famous and royal?!

If smooth, artisanal gelato is your vibe, you need to visit Boho Gelato. With two locations by the seafront and in the Lanes, there are multiple opportunities for you to sample some of their iconic flavours and made-in-house gelato. With a constantly changing roster of flavours, you'll never know what's waiting in store. We loved the gourmet Roasted Pistachio and Rose made with pistachios owner Seb imports himself from Italy!

Fancy something with a bit of fun? You need to check out ARTBOX Cafe in the Lanes. Featuring cutesy anime-style cartoon characters and an upstairs diner with a cartoon-inspired menu, this sweet cafe-slash-shop always has plenty of dairy-free and vegan alternatives alongside their classic dairy ice creams. Expect seasonal flavours and some Japanese influences; Wasabi Ice Cream is genuinely delicious, you heard it here first.

Or if you want to take a leaf out of the Prince Regent's extravagant, party-loving book, head to Jojo's Gelato in city centre. This family-run ice cream parlour is open late into the evening for nighttime partygoers craving sugar on the way home from their dancing and has over 100 flavours of ice cream. We could barely make a dent in their gigantic sundae...

British seaside getaways first became a thing in the 1730s when one doctor wrote a paper all about how drinking or bathing seawater could cure all of your ailments. Seems legit. By 1753, he set up a house in Brighton for his patients' accommodation – one of the first seaside holiday homes! From that moment on, Brighton became a popular hangout for all sorts of people: including literal royalty... You might be familiar with the Royal Pavilion: a totally extravagant seaside palace built by the Prince Regent when he fell in love with the city in the 1800s.

As mass tourism to the seaside got underway, resorts tried to find new ways to entertain these daytrippers. Enter: pleasure piers. As people took a stroll out to sea, they would pass theatres, restaurants and all sorts of entertainment.

Nowadays, you’re more likely to see arcades and rollercoasters at the end of a pier than a traditional theatre. The food hasn’t changed much, though. Fish and chips, rock, freshly caught seafood and OF COURSE: ice cream.

From gourmet pistachio and white chocolate raspberry ice creams from Boho Gelato, vegan matcha and raspberry ice creams from cartoon character-centric ARTBOX Cafe, and watermelon sorbet and a ridiculous sundae from Jojo's Gelato, there's plenty of options to choose from in this popular location for a weekend.

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