Bright! Exciting! Fun! These Are the 5 Buzzy Nail-Color Trends to Try in 2021

Jessica Harrington

It's long been said that your nail-polish shade can affect your mood, meaning you can manifest good vibes and energy by choosing the right color. If you want to feel cheery, simply select an equally vibrant color for your nails. If you want to achieve an inner sense of calm, pick a soft and tranquil shade.

After the tumultuous year we just had, the nail-polish shades we're reaching for in 2021 are all about channeling positive energy. Give us bright pinks, greens, and yellows; give us shimmers; give us soft pastels - anything that breathes new life into our manicure and, therefore, our overall outlook on life.

"I anticipate drama, notice-me colors - shades that catch the light," New York City-based manicurist Miss Pop told POPSUGAR. Last year was stressful, but 2021 has the potential to turn things around. The new year symbolizes hope and a fresh start. "I think we are looking towards a tranquil, bright mood that these colors display," celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein said.

Keep reading to see the nail-color trends of 2021 that we'll be wearing until further notice.