Brie Larson's Super Strong Arms Are Everything In This New IG Photo

Photo credit: Brie Larson/Instagram
Photo credit: Brie Larson/Instagram

Brie Larson may have been posing in front of an elaborate tapestry, but the Captain Marvel star is the real piece of art in her latest Instagram post. 'Getting into character: Tapestry edition,' wrote Brie.

In the snap, she's standing in front of a pretty epic battle scene on a massive tapestry that I just couldn't identify despite all of my reverse Google searching.

People filled the comments with heart-eyed emojis and praise: 'Indiana Jones: "I’m here to view the tapestries!"' wrote one person. 'Ur a masterpiece,' said another. 'I’m seeing two masterpieces❤️🔥,' chimed a superfan. Facts!

Also impossible to ignore are the 32-year-old actress’s strong AF arms. But of course, one does not simply star in a Marvel movie without some sort of intense workout routine. Luckily, Brie documents many of her workouts for the world to see so there's plenty of fitspo to draw upon.

Case in point: This video in which she absolutely crushes one-armed pushups with an adorable caption: 'Umm *hi* don't mind me achieving my one-arm pull-up goal!'

She also shared a video showing herself reaching a new fitness milestone. 'Sometimes I surprise myself! Thanks @risemovement for helping me reach new heights,' Brie captioned a clip of herself doing six reps of weighted squats.

And here she is doing pushups with a massive chain on her back. She captioned her post, 'Nothing hits quite the same as the clanking sound of chains wrapped around your body.'

Of course, Brie’s health extends beyond the gym to the kitchen. Her nutritionist, Dr. Philip Goglia told People that Brie ate a teaspoon of almond butter and all-fruit jam or preserves every morning while she was training for Captain Marvel. 'The most recent science has shown that a little bit of fat and a little bit of simple sugar will actually increase intensity while you train early in the morning,' he said, adding 'that really does start your engine for you'.

BRB. Gotta get in a weight training sesh!

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