Bridget Malcolm recalls pressure to lose weight from agents as a young model

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Bridget Malcolm has opened up about the pressure she was placed under by her representatives to lose weight as a young model.

In a recent TikTok video, the Australian model and body positivity activist called out former Victoria's Secret bosses for allegedly rejecting her from the 2017 show because her body "did not look good enough".

Earlier this week, Bridget returned to the video-sharing platform and spoke about the reasons why it took her so long to discuss her experiences within the fashion industry.

"By the age of 18, I'd lived in three countries alone. I travelled to all continents except for Antarctica. I'd been groomed by a much older man. I'd been sexually assaulted multiple times," she commented, adding that she was "told to do cocaine to lose weight" by an unnamed person within her agency at the time. "I couldn't socialise without drinking. I was developing quite the reliance on Xanax and Ambien in order to get me through the night."

Bridget went on to claim she was under "a lot of pressure to lose weight by my agencies", and when she was still underage, alleged that she was advised to "have lots of sex to lose weight".

In addition, the model began to struggle with anorexia, orthorexia, severe anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as her gender identity.

But after having a nervous breakdown on her 26th birthday, and not being able to leave her house for a year, Bridget realised she needed to take a break from modelling and focus on her recovery.

"I am two-plus years sober. I'm four years in recovery from an eating disorder. I'm happy. I'm balanced. I'm strong and I feel the best I've ever felt. The reality is, I couldn't talk about my experiences before I reached this place because I would have intense PTSD flashbacks. I would have panic attacks and I wouldn't be OK," the 29-year-old continued, noting that she wants to use her platform to bring about change. "I'm one of the lucky models. I was able to make a long career out of the fashion industry. But my job should not include abuse. And that is why I'm speaking up now."

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