Bridgerton star declares she's 'in love with a woman' in powerful Pride statement

Jessica plays Cressida in the hit Netflix show

Bridgerton actress Jessica Madsen has revealed that she is bisexual and happily loved-up with a woman. She released a heartfelt message on Instagram to coincide with the start of Pride Month.

With an array of LGBTQ+ art, images from a protest, and a personal GIF showing her wearing rainbow gems beneath her eyes decorating her feed, she loudly and proudly proclaimed: "In Love with a woman, loud about it and proud about it! #pride #pridemonth #loveislove #gaypride."

Jessica, who plays the snooty but endearing Cressida Cowper, also broadcast her firm boundaries to any anti-LGBTQ+ folk on her Instagram story, stating emphatically: "News flash: I'm queer" and "Don't interact with me in June unless this is the vibe you're bringing."

Jessica Madsen
Some of Jessica's castmates showed their support on her Pride post -Credit:LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX

Her Bridgerton buddies were quick to cheer her on in the comments section, with Hannah Dodd (who has taken over the role of Francesca Bridgerton) chiming in: "Love youuuuuu," accompanied by a yellow heart. Jonathan Bailey joined in with a red heart and raised hands emojis, while Nicola Coughlan sent a flurry of twinkling pink hearts Jessica's way.

Jessica's moving revelation of dating a woman follows her recent admission about some rather peculiar private messages she's received regarding her Bridgerton alter ego. Speaking to People, she admitted that not everyone's a huge fan, receiving such messages as "Thank you for letting me hate you so much", and "I love hating you so much", reports the Mirror.

But actress Jessica is taking the backlash to her on-screen persona in stride, seeing it as a testament to her performance. "It makes me feel like I've done my job right. I really don't take those things personally. The internet is wild. But I like it when people who I meet (who) have appreciated the show. Yeah. That's always lovely," she shared.

Bridgerton cast
Bridgerton cast

She also opened up about connecting with her character Cressida's "vulnerability" and recalled her own teenage years. "I think when you're that age, there's this unawareness you have to life that is unknown to you. She only knows what she knows because of her parents, and she's starting to learn new things," Jessica told The Cut.

Jessica further reflected on how her character grows through interactions with others, particularly Eloise. "Eloise holds a mirror up to her and shows her that it's not okay to be like this. And she realises, 'Wow when you put it like that - with kindness - I really see that'. I think when anyone comes to you with any kindness and care, and challenges you, you can be open to that newness, and you can work from that. I remember being that age and realising I don't know everything and that people can teach you so much," she added.