'Is this normal?': Bridesmaid seeks advice after hairstyle change leaves bride fuming

A bridesmaid has sparked anger after cutting her hair ahead of her friend's wedding. [Photo: Getty]
A bridesmaid has sparked anger after cutting her hair ahead of her friend's wedding. [Photo: Getty]

Words: Elizabeth Di Filippo

When it comes to planning a wedding, how much control should a bride have over her wedding party’s appearance? The internet seems divided in the case of a woman who found herself in a hairy situation months ahead of her sister-in-law’s wedding.

After years of sporting long hair, the woman decided to donate 48 inches of her hair to a charity that creates free wigs for children with cancer and alopecia.

“I’ve been growing my hair for years and got tired of it,” she wrote in a Reddit post seeking advice.

“Yesterday, I went from hair down past my butt and had it cut into a short cut, like a pixie… I absolutely love it, the hair stylist said it was perfect for my face shape, my fiancé loves it, it’s been such a confidence booster.”

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The celebration of the new look was short-lived. The woman, who is serving as a bridesmaid in the upcoming June wedding, was chastised by the bride-to-be for not asking permission before opting for a bold new look.

“I posted a picture on Instagram today along with a picture of the bundles of hair I sent off to donate,” she said.

“I later get a text from her saying I should have asked before I cut all that hair off, as she doesn’t think it’ll match her extremely feminine designs/decorations.”

Although the woman notes that her sister-in-law had previously been “picky and strict” about wedding planning, she was shocked when the bride said she wished the woman had waited a few months to cut her hair, so as not to “stand out” from the rest of the wedding party.

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“I literally didn’t know how to respond,” she wrote. “I’ve never been in a wedding before and I’ve never been married, so is this normal? Should I have asked her before making such a dramatic physical appearance change?”

While many were quick to dub the bride a bridezilla, others put the onus on the bridesmaid for not running the change past her sister-in-law.