A bride wore 8 different looks for her wedding, from a classic dress with sheer sleeves to a sequined skirt

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Quinn wore eight different looks on her wedding day.
Vora Quinn wore eight different looks on her wedding day.Lloyd and Brooke Lundquist/Brittany Phillips
  • Vora and Justice Quinn got married in Arkansas in October 2021.

  • The multi-day celebration gave Vora the perfect excuse to wear several different outfits.

  • The bride also cut her hair short in between her ceremony and wedding photos.

In October 2021, Vora and Justice Quinn got married in Arkansas. The couple eloped and had a multi-day celebration instead of a traditional wedding.

Vora and Justice Quinn surprised their family by eloping.Josie Lloyd and Brooke Lundquist

Vora told Insider she wanted a simple wedding dress that she could accessorize in different ways to create several looks. She purchased the Alyssa Kristin Camila dress to wear during her ceremony and wedding photo shoot.

For her ceremony, she wore the traditional dress with $158 lace sleeves that she purchased from an Etsy shop called Bridal Separates.

Her wedding dress was her something new, a broach from her grandmother was her something borrowed, and she wore her mom's old garter that had a blue ribbon as her something blue.

After the ceremony, Vora switched up her look by accessorizing the same dress with sheer gloves and a polka-dot veil. She also got her hair cut into a dramatic bob in between the ceremony and wedding photos.

Vora surprised her husband by cutting her hair the day of their ceremony.Brittany Phillips

Since the Quinns didn't have a reception after their wedding, they decided to do a long photo shoot instead.

After the ceremony, Vora switched up her outfit, and she even surprised her husband with a new haircut. She shared his reaction in a viral TikTok that has over 5.4 million views at the time of writing.

"The excitement of getting to actually do it on that day and surprise him took away the fear that I had," she said. "I always thought I would cry, and I didn't cry at all. I couldn't have had less of a tear in my eye. It ended up just being the perfect part of our day."

She told Justice to meet up with her at their second photo session location, and that's when she showed him her haircut for the first time.

"He was in shock. He couldn't even speak. I was so giddy and squealy because I'd never been that excited before," she said. "I loved my haircut already and then getting to see his reaction made me even more excited about it. His reaction was definitely better than I could have even imagined."

Not only did Vora change up her hair, but she also switched up the way she wore her wedding dress. Vora changed into a polka-dot veil from the Etsy shop XoxoCoutureBridal, custom sheer gloves from the Kerry Parker Store on Etsy, a pearl choker necklace, and drop pearl earrings.

Vora swapped the sheer gloves and polka-dot veil for a pearl shoulder necklace and her mom's veil.

Vora swapped the pearl choker for a pearl shoulder necklace during the couple's photo session.Britteny Phillips

For one of her looks, Vora wore her mother's veil and a $218 pearl shoulder necklace from the Etsy shop JewelryFashionArt.

During their photo session, Vora changed out of the pearl shoulder necklace into a choker and red leather jacket.

The Quinns had a photo shoot in lieu of a reception.Britteny Phillips

Vora posed with Justice in a more laid-back look. She also paired the dress with a different bouquet of flowers.

The bride then removed her red leather jacket and took pictures in her grandmother's fur coat.

The couple knew they wanted to do a long photo shoot instead of a reception.Britteny Phillips

Vora paired the fur coat with drop pearl earrings, and she styled her hair in a ponytail.

Vora changed back into the lace top she wore during the ceremony to take more photos with her short hair.

Vora repeated the same outfit she wore during her ceremony to see what it would have looked like if she had cut her hair before instead of after.Britteny Phillips

Vora wore the same $158 lace sleeves from an Etsy shop called Bridal Separates and drop pearl earrings that she had for her wedding ceremony.

She told Insider that she wanted to have pictures of what she would have looked like if she had cut her hair before her ceremony instead of after.

The couple opted for a private dinner instead of a reception after their ceremony and photos. Vora chose to wear a baby-doll dress with sheer sleeves and a plunging neckline.

Vora told Insider this short baby-doll dress was her second favorite look.Josie Lloyd and Brooke Lundquist

Vora told Insider that this Sugar Thrillz organza minidress, which was on sale for $40.80 at the time of writing, was her second favorite look because she felt so beautiful.

"When I put that short dress on, because I had just cut my hair and I had a short ponytail for the first time since I was a kid, I told my husband, 'I've never felt this cute in my entire life,'" she said. "You can't ask for a better feeling than that on your wedding day."

Vora said the highlight of their celebration was the private dinner she had with Justice after the ceremony.

"We got to just be alone on our wedding day and soak in the day by ourselves," she said.

For her eighth and final look, Vora wore a feathered top with a sequined skirt for a small get-together at their house.

Vora changed into her final look for their house party a week after their wedding.Britteny Phillips

Vora ended the week in a $104 ClubL dream daze white feather bandeau top and a sequined skirt from ASOS.

The couple celebrated with a bouncy castle in their backyard and 12 of their closest friends. They were able to cut their cake, have their first dance, and do a garter toss.

Vora said she is so happy with how all of her outfits and wedding photos turned out.

"I love shooting really cool photos and capturing moments, especially when it means getting photos as husband and wife for the first time, so I just wanted to go all out," she said.

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