Bride Throws Tantrum After Her Brother's Friends Buy Her 'Cheap' Wedding Gift Totaling $500

The friend group collectively gave the bride a gift of silverware, totaling around $200, along with an additional $300 in cash

<p>Betsie Van Der Meer/Getty</p> Stock photo of a bride with wedding gifts

Betsie Van Der Meer/Getty

Stock photo of a bride with wedding gifts

A bride is mad at her 19-year-old brother and his college-aged friends for buying her a "cheap" wedding gift.

According to the bride's brother, who shared the situation on Reddit's "Am I the A------?" subreddit, his group of friends — all invited to the wedding — collectively gave his sister a gift of silverware, totaling around $200, along with an additional $300 in cash. However, upon opening the gift, the bride expressed dissatisfaction.

"My sister is now throwing a tantrum about how cheap my friends are and how the silverware wasn't even that expensive and how they should be ashamed for being so cheap and that when you're invited to a wedding you're supposed to give a great expensive gift because being cheap is disrespectful to the couple who invited you to their wedding," the brother wrote in his post.

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<p>Tom Merton/Getty</p> Stock photo of a bride and groom at their wedding

Tom Merton/Getty

Stock photo of a bride and groom at their wedding

The OP explained that most of his friends are college students, either unemployed or working part-time jobs, and they pooled their resources to contribute what they could.

"I said to her that she's not entitled to neither a nice nor an expensive gift at all in this scenario," the brother continued. "She knew my friend group consisted of broke college students so she has no right to expect much."

He also went on to add that his parents and his sister's husband are now calling him an "a------" for not calling out his friends for not knowing wedding etiquette.

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<p>Getty Images</p> Stock photo of a wedding gift

Getty Images

Stock photo of a wedding gift

Since sharing the dilemma online, the brother has received feedback from other Reddit users about how the situation was handled. One person suggested that the bride may have only invited her brother's friends with the expectation of receiving gifts.

"Your sister is really a bit of a twit. Your friends were generous, especially given their status as students. In this culture, expensive wedding gifts are not the price of attendance; one assumes that an invitation is a sign of friendship rather than greed," the Redditor wrote. "Apparently your sister has her own, unique motives."

Another user chimed in with a similar perspective: "You're all in college with just about 0 income. I wouldn't have expected anything other than a nice card!"

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