Bride sparks debate for baking her own sprinkle wedding cake: ‘I spent less than $50’

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A bride has sparked a debate after revealing that she made her wedding cake herself, mere days before the event.

In a video posted to TikTok last month, Laura, @darlinggoose, detailed how she was getting married in two days and baking her own wedding cake.

She showed viewers a few boxes of Betty Crocker’s rainbow white cake mix before taking the baked cakes out of their pans and wrapping them in Saran Wrap.

The dessert was then placed into the refrigerator, as she didn’t plan on icing her cake until the next day. She continued by documenting herself frosting the cake “the night before” her nuptials.

“It is now midnight, the night before our wedding and I am icing our cake,” Laura said, as she put frosting on the different layers of the cake. “This is just me laughing at myself because I’ve never iced a cake in my life, but I think it’s looking pretty cute.”

As the first few layers of the cake were stacked up, they were also covered with icing and rainbow sprinkles.

Laura went on to document someone “trying to fix” the icing before showing her finished product, which was completely covered with rainbow sprinkles and had a sign that said “The Saxes” on top of it.

Speaking to The Independent, Laura said that the Betty Crocker sprinkle cake has been one of her and her husband’s favourite desserts, which is why she wanted to include it on her big day.

She also noted how there were many financial benefits to baking her own cake and that the creation is now a “very special memory” for her.

“All in all, I spent less than $50 on cake pans, cake mix and icing! Plus it’s a memory i will treasure forever of me, my in laws, my husband decorating our cake until 1 am the night before our wedding,” she explained. “It’s truly a very special memory that makes me laugh and makes me so happy. My guests loved it because the whole thing is so me. I am very much a DIY kinda girl.”

As of 12 July, the clip has more than 3.8m views, with TikTok users in the comments applauding Laura’s for baking her own cake, as opposed to spending a large amount of money on it.

“Guarantee it tastes 100 per cent better than every dry, dense, fondant covered ‘professional’ wedding cake I’ve ever eaten,” one wrote.

“Thank god someone has some common sense and doesn’t pay 500 for a wedding cake,” another wrote. “You’re beautiful, let that shine, not your cake !!!”


Not sure if making my wedding cake at midnight the night before my wedding was the best idea 😅🤪💋

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A third person wrote: “I love this. It’s personal, it’s pretty, and it’s unique. It’s also so much cheaper & everyone knows it’ll taste good.”

However, other viewers criticised Laura’s creation and claimed that it didn’t look like a fitting cake for a wedding.

“Is this a joke,” one wrote. “Because it looks more like it’s for a birthday.”

“Why did I trust the process,” another person added, while a third viewer said: “No…just no lol”

In a follow-up video, Laura confirmed that she used her cake for the wedding.


“You’re not making a sprinkle cake for your wedding, that must be a joke” shoutout to my photographer, Kim for slaying 😫💥❤️ #weddingdiy #diyweddingcake #sprinklecake

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“You’re not making a sprinkle cake for your wedding, that must be a joke,” the text over the video reads, before she lip synced the lyrics “I am for real,” from Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson.”

She also shared images from her wedding, one where the cake was on display and another where she could be seen cutting it.

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