Quick thinking bridesmaid saves bride-to-be from leg amputation

Caroline Allen
Lula O'Neins, 24, had to wear a boot on her wedding day. [Photo: SWNS]

Bride-to-be, Lula O’Neins broke her leg in four places during her hen party.

The doctors told her that if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of her bridesmaid, she would have had to have her leg amputated.

Disaster struck on the final day on O’Neins’ hen party at Center Parcs, Wiltshire, when she tripped over.

O’Neins, 24, broke both bones - the tibia and fibula - in her leg each in two places and the limb was bent out of shape.

Lula broke her leg in four places. [Photo: SWNS]

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Her bridesmaid and sister, Gabrielle George, 26, leapt into action, straightening her leg out by pulling it.

Her sister has no medical training, but thought she would try to push it back into place.

She inadvertently helped the blood to continue flowing into the limb. If it hadn’t, Lula would have had to have her leg amputated.

Because there was no loss of blood, Lula had to wait an agonising six hours for an ambulance to arrive.

She was eventually rushed to Royal United Hospitals in Bath, Somerset, where she underwent a series of operations.

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Lula had pins put in her ankle and knee and the bone has been hollowed out with a rod put through it to to help it heal.

Her husband-to-be, Alex, 26, was in Czech Republic on his stag do at the time. Lula gallantly decided not to tell him so as not to ruin his trip, but he was called as soon as he landed.

A mere eight weeks later she hobbled down the aisle with a boot on one foot and a heel on the other.

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The pair then went off to Lake Como, Italy, to enjoy their honeymoon, but Lula still had to spend the trip on crutches.

The bride put things nicely into perspective: “I might have spent my wedding day and honeymoon limping around in a protective boot and on crutches, but it's a small price to pay to still have my leg in tact.”

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