Bride and groom reenact parents’ wedding day outfit switch decades later: ‘OBSESSED’

Rosie Joyce, a newlywed who shares lifestyle and fashion content, posted an adorable throwback TikTok that showed how her own parents had swapped outfits on their wedding day (and completely rocked it, by the way). So, Rosie and her new husband decided to do the same.

“I grew up obsessed with these photos! How did we do?” Rosie wrote in her video. “We wanted to recreate the photos and surprise everyone on our recovery day.”

And surprise everyone they did. Her husband strolled out in a lovely and pristine white gown with his toned arms on display, holding a beer wrapped snugly in a koozie. He may have had a little trouble zipping his dress, but who among us hasn’t rocked an unzipped outfit occasionally?

You could say the big reveal went well: “OBSESSED,” commented one TikToker, praising the couple.

While her new husband said yes to her dress, Rosie completely stole the show in his tuxedo, which she topped off with a pair of bright white Gucci clogs. She also accessorized with a fruity White Claw and drop earrings.

“You absolutely ate it up in that suit, my god,” wrote one commenter.

The couple then posed for a series of loved-up photos, including one stunning shot edited in black and white and an ending pose with the OG, Rosie’s mother.

But many commenters pointed out that as darling as Rosie and her hubby looked, the real stars of this TikTok show were her parents.

“Your parents hair?? The drinks?? The cig?? Perfection” wrote one.

Dad looks like Neil Diamond in his early years,” pointed out another.

And still, others spotted the uncanny resemblance Rosie’s dad bore to Dennis Quaid, which, ironically, was a nod to the Parent Trap audio Rosie chose for the TikTok. “I thought it was a deleted scene from Parent Trap,” laughed another commenter in agreement.

The post is a nod to a recent wedding trend that’s seen couples incorporate trends and traditions from their own parents’ nuptials, including this bride that transformed her mother’s wedding gown into her rehearsal dinner dress.

And in the spirit of “something old and something new,” a few other TikTokers were curious about the concept of a “wedding recovery day,” which Rosie hashtagged in her video.

A wedding recovery day is exactly what it sounds like — the day after a wedding day that a couple takes to recover from the sometimes stressful and exhausting walk to the aisle. Some couples may choose to take a day to themselves to indulge in some low-key fun, like lounging on the beach or hitting up brunch, while others host or attend a casual gathering with friends and families over a few drinks like Rosie and her husband did.

Whether couples choose to rock a wedding outfit swap as this pair did or just take some time for themselves, it’s safe to say that the trend of a wedding recovery day might just be the next big thing — along with this bride’s parents’ incredible rizz, of course.

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