Bride goes viral for her 'empowering' wedding gown

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Image via Press Association.
Image via Press Association.

A U.K. bride is being praised for picking “empowering” gowns for herself and her bridesmaids — and it all comes down to pockets.

When newlywed Eve Paterson was planning her wedding, she knew she wanted her bridal party to wear something both functional and fashionable.

The 24-year-old opted to have her bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses include pockets, a feature she believes should be standard for all women’s clothing.

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“You’d never expect to hire suits for guys and then ‘add pockets’ as an extra, so the idea that women have to do it is insane,” Paterson said of her decision. “These dresses proved that it’s possible to look beautiful, feel amazing, and be practically equipped for the day, and I hope it encourages brands to up their game on this as well.”

The bride’s dress was purchased from David’s Bridal while the bridesmaid’s emerald green gowns were from KF Bridal.

Image via Press Association.
Image via Press Association.

Paterson’s wedding quickly went viral after bridesmaid Nell Goddard shared photos to Twitter writing, “My friend got married last month and her dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses ALL HAD POCKETS – and yes, we did use them for storing snacks, thank you for asking.”

The praise the designs received online, is for Paterson, a sign that impractical clothing for women is “a real issue.”

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“Women’s clothing simply doesn’t empower women as much as it should,” she explained. “Pockets are such a tiny issue in comparison to the oppression of women globally, but I think it plays into a much deeper misconception that women should look good rather than be practically equipped – but why should we have to choose?”

Eve and Angus Paterson dig into a candy bar from the bride’s pocket. Image via Press Association.
Eve and Angus Paterson dig into a candy bar from the bride’s pocket. Image via Press Association.

The wedding party used their pockets to store the aforementioned snacks, as well as phones, lipstick and the wedding day itinerary. Paterson says she would encourage all brides to consider pockets for their gowns, as well as for their bridesmaids.

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“It’s one of the most important days for us ladies to be ‘on our game’, but we’re not just there to look amazing – we want to successfully host all our family and friends, and pull off a major event,” she said. “Thinking about adding pockets ahead of time means there’s ample space for snacks for your new husband, notes for speeches, tissues for mum, and all the other things we know will help the day run smoothly!”

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