Bride gift-shames guests' £149 wedding present

Holly Hales
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
A furious bride has unleashed on her guests after she deemed their gifts not expensive enough. Photo: Getty Images

A furious bride has unleashed on her guests after she deemed their gifts not expensive enough to follow up her lavish wedding celebrations.

The shock revelation was made by one of the woman’s former friends in an online forum and saw her expose the details of the bride’s greedy expectations.

“I’ve just been hung up on by an ex-friend whose wedding was a few weekends ago,” the woman began.

“She had a beautiful wedding, lots of guests, lots of wine and food. There were even fireworks when she and her new husband left – via yacht – to go on their honeymoon.”

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Despite the lavish nature of the couple’s celebration, the bride apparently expected to see her big spend returned by her guests in the form of gifts – and expensive ones at that.

“She told me the cost of having me and my husband at the wedding was far more than the miserly gift we gave her,” the woman claimed was said.

The writer then went on to explain how she and her husband gifted the new couple £108 cash and a ‘designer candle’ worth a further £41 – but this was still considered insufficient.

“She said to me that wasn’t enough and that the venue charge was £135 per head so I owed her £162 cash.”

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After realising her former friend was in fact not joking, the woman went on to explain that she thought the candle would be a hit as the bride had specifically asked for one.

Although upset, the woman agreed that in addition to their friendship ending she also allowed the bride to have the last word.

“For real, I let her nag at me for five minutes because I was speechless. I still am!” she said.

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