Bride's best friend secretly helps out with engagement photos: 'That's a friend'

A true best friend is always there in your time of need — no matter the struggle.

TikToker @sadievarnum gave a behind-the-scenes look at how her photographer got so many amazing shots of her engagement ring. When the bride-to-be needed help executing the perfect photos, she enlisted her bestie.

The engagement pictures were stunning. In one, @sadievarnum and her fiancé held each other close. She lifted her hand toward the camera to reveal her ring.

In another pic, she and her fiancé shared a kiss. Her hand rested on his cheek to show off the ring again. But what you don’t see in the picture is that it’s @sadievarnum’s best friend actually wearing the ring. It’s not the bride-to-be’s hand at all.

She explained in a previous video that her best friend stepped up to be a hand model for the photo shoot because the ring didn’t fit.

The hilarious clip racked up 6.6 million views.

“That’s a friend right there,” a TikToker replied.

“This such a cute moment. Like a little secret you can share at the wedding about the photos,” another added.

“Okay….. but I bet those are the most genuine smiles and laughs and even more memorable memories!” a person said.

“Honestly this is cute,” someone commented.

“I love her for this though,” a user wrote.

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