Bride ‘brands’ all of her bridesmaids by forcing them to wear necklaces of her name – and made them foot the bill

 (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A Reddit user has admitted she was appalled by the “branding” a bride imposed on her bridesmaids.

In the platform’s anonymous confession forum, Am I The A**hole, a stunned user detailed the story she’d heard about one bride’s absurd behavior. To preface their post, the Redditor admitted that she wasn’t easily shocked, but this story stunned her.

“I was chatting with my coworker today who had been in a wedding over the weekend,” the writer explained. “I asked how it went and she said she had a great time and started showing me some pictures.”

By the looks of the photos, the Reddit user thought the entire day looked like it was a wonderful celebration of love. However, as their coworker was scrolling through their camera roll, one photo caught their eye. According to the Redditor, a selfie of the coworker showed her wearing a necklace with the name “Emily” on it.

“The thing is, my coworker’s name is Meredith,” the original poster noted. “You guys... This freakin bride actually made all her bridesmaids get necklaces WITH HER NAME ON IT!!!”

The stunned Reddit user questioned if it was normal for a bride to make their wedding party rebrand themselves to honor her.

They asked: “I’m sorry but is that not hilariously insane!?”

“All her bridesmaids had to pay for and wear ‘Emily’ necklaces to the wedding. If I was capable of shutting up I’d be speechless,” the Reddit writer admitted, adding the title “Bride basically brands all of her bridesmaids” to the post.

To end, the writer confessed that “Emily” was the bride’s real name. “If you’re reading this, Meredith spoke very highly of you and your event because she is the sweetest person who has ever been made,” they candidly added. “I’m the one who thinks you’re batty and hereby shame you.”

Bride forced bridesmaids to buy and wear necklaces with her name on them (Getty Images)
Bride forced bridesmaids to buy and wear necklaces with her name on them (Getty Images)

Perplexed readers stormed the comments section, arguing the bride’s behavior was completely “unhinged.” Others offered hilarious suggestions for how each bridesmaid could return the necklace back to the bride.

“I wouldn’t wait a couple of years. I would band together with the other bridesmaids and make sure she got these as her birthday, Christmas, and any other events for the foreseeable future,” one Reddit reader said. “Either that or buy her stuff monogrammed with my name.”

Another remarked: “What a rare, beautiful blend of very low-stakes and also completely unhinged. I really, really want to know what the thought process behind that decision was.”

“Maybe she thought she’d get a bunch of free necklaces in the end, since nobody is going to wear them after that day,” a third guessed.

A harsh Reddit user wrote: “The BRIDESMAIDS had to pay for them. Which is both unhinged and insufferable.”

However, one reader disagreed that the situation was as serious as the Reddit poster had made it sound. “Here I was bracing myself for an actual brand lmao… or like a tattoo or something. Was actually relieved it was just a necklace,” they wrote.