Bride-to-Be Angry Her Fiancé Plans to Leave Honeymoon Early for Friend’s Bachelor Party — Sparks Online Debate

"I can’t seem to get over the fact that he would rather leave earlier on our honeymoon to attend a bachelor party," a woman wrote on Reddit



A bride-to-be is angry at her fiancé for attempting to cut their honeymoon short so he can attend his best friend's bachelor party.

Under Reddit's weddings subreddit, a woman expressed disappointment in her future husband's decision. "I can’t seem to get over the fact that he would rather leave earlier on our honeymoon to attend a bachelor party," she wrote.

While she didn't specify the details of their honeymoon including how long the trip is or the location, she did note that she is planning to accompany her partner to the nuptials.

"We are both attending the wedding too so it’s not like he’s missing the big day. We’ve explained both of our POV but are just stuck not seeing eye to eye. Has anyone had a similar situation?" she asked.



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In the comments, Reddit users sounded off on the situation and offered their own opinions on the matter.

One person said: "If things are booked, non refundable, and it’s next month…then yeah i wouldn’t bend over backwards to accommodate but I would be empathetic to why he’d want to make it work."

"As other people have said, it really depends on the situation. I have friends that I’m extremely close to and I would probably move around our honeymoon to be able to support them at their bachelorette party (within reason)," someone else commented. "My friends and I have been dreaming about our weddings / wedding activities forever and I would be super upset to miss any part of it."



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In another comment, a user suggested that the bride-to-be and her fiancé need to have a more serious conversation about their relationship. "I would recommend therapy for you and some couples counseling for both of you. I’d also consider pausing your wedding."

Another person chimed in and encouraged the woman to firmly stand her ground.

"If my husband’s best friend has asked him to do this 1. My husband would have laughed and said you’re funny 2. When he found out it wasn’t a joke he would have laughed again and said of course I can’t do that, that’s my honeymoon. That’s my marriage. I’m saying vows to legally make fiancé my chosen family. If I can make it to the last couple days I will, but otherwise I can’t come. Friendships are incredibly important, but your marriage comes first."

The commenters remained divided as another added: "I know you are feeling betrayed but trust me let this feeling go, cause your husband will remember this and it’s not worth the sweat. Also its a core memory for him to be spending time with his best-friend as a single man. I know you’d do it for your best friend too."

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