Brian Dowling accused of taking advantage of ‘poor or mentally challenged women’

The former Big Brother star was targeted after he decided to welcome baby via surrogate with his husband.

Brian Dowling after being crowned the winner of Ultimate Big Brother (Getty Images)
Brian Dowling was subjected to a tirade of hate from trolls over his surrogacy decision. (Getty Images)

Former Big Brother host Brian Dowling faced a backlash from vicious trolls online after he announced his plans to become a father.

Dowling and his husband Arthur Gourounlian found themselves being subjected to a tirade of abuse online by people who believed they were “taking advantage of poor or mentally challenged women.”

Dowling welcomed his first child, Blake, in September last year via surrogacy with the decision attracting a lot of negative attention online, especially from women.

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It was only when the couple confirmed their surrogate was in fact Dowling’s sister Alice that the abuse died down, but they never received an apology for the hurtful outpouring.

Talking to RSVP Magazine Dowling said: "The subject of surrogacy is still very taboo and everyone has an opinion on it. Before Aoife was announced as the surrogate we were accused of taking advantage of a poor woman, a mentally challenged woman or a woman in a country where there is no legislation.

"People’s assumption about surrogacy has always been dark and menacing and they see people like Aoife as a victim. This comes from other women.

"My sister is not a victim. We have never met our donor but with the clinic we used and how it was done she’s not a victim either.”

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The Irish born TV star also admitted that they were compared to nuns who stole babies from their mothers in the Magdalene Laundries with some even commenting that “with enough money and a dark heart you can do anything.”

The star - who recently landed his own radio show on Dublin’s 98FM - also admitted his concerns for his baby daughter when she grows up to see some of the horrible comments made to her parents.

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Talking about his move to radio Dowling admitted that it is his first full-time job since he was a cabin crew member with Ryanair prior to finding fame on Big Brother.

He also admitted that he just hopes he can “play Britney Spears every day” as he embarks on the new venture.