Brian Cox and Brian Cox share hilarious hotel mix up story

BBC Breakfast played host to the renowned astrophysicist Brian Cox and his namesake actor, who recounted a mix up they had when they both tried to check in to the same hotel.

Video transcript

CHARLIE STAYT: Can we bring in now-- as we mentioned earlier. Very good morning.

BRIAN COX: Good morning.


BRIAN COX: How are you. Nice to see you.

CHARLIE STAYT: So lovely to see you this morning.

BRIAN COX: Hello, Charlie. How are you?

CHARLIE STAYT: So how about this? You have met before. This is--

BRIAN COX: We have indeed.

CHARLIE STAYT: This is not the first time.

BRIAN COX: We did a gardening thing we did together.


BRIAN COX: Except we were in different parts of the Atlantic.

CHARLIE STAYT: Just so people understand, sometimes sharing a name can be a bit confusing.

BRIAN COX: Well, I'll tell you-- well, last night was very confusing.

CHARLIE STAYT: Go on then.

BRIAN COX: Because Brian arrived at the hotel and said, there are two Brian Coxes, so you've got two rooms. And he said, no, no, there's only one. I think there might be another Brian Cox. And the hotel said to Brian, we can't have two Brian Coxes.

BRIAN COX: They said that. They wouldn't check me in.

BRIAN COX: They wouldn't check him on.

CHARLIE STAYT: Oh, you mean-- so you were kind of outlawed.

BRIAN COX: They wouldn't check him in, so he had to use his assistant's name.

BRIAN COX: Yeah, I had to change my name. They couldn't do it on the computer system. They didn't believe me. And I got a picture out on my phone and said, look, this Brian Cox, he'll be coming later, and there's this one. And he said, I know-- I know neither of you. I don't watch television.