Brendan Fraser collapsed after 'choking' on The Mummy set

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Brendan Fraser has recalled passing out on set while filming The Mummy.

During a Tuesday appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Mummy star recounted being knocked out while filming a scene for the 1999 action film.

Brendan was acting out the scene in which his character, Rick O'Connell, was about to be executed by hanging when the incident occurred.

While Brendan was standing on his toes with a rope tied around his neck, director Stephen Sommers reportedly told him, "It doesn't really look like you're choking. Can you sell it?"

In the next take, the man holding the rope pulled it tighter, and the actor had "nowhere to go but down".

He continued, "The next thing I knew, my elbow was in my ear, the world was sideways, and there was gravel in my teeth, and everyone was really quiet."

When he became conscious again, all he heard was a stunt coordinator saying his name.

"Congratulations, you're in the club!" the crew member announced afterwards. "The same thing happened to Mel Gibson on Braveheart."