Brendan Cole worried he won't be as good as people think on Dancing On Ice

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Brendan Cole and Vanessa Bauer will pair up for Dancing On Ice credit:Bang Showbiz
Brendan Cole and Vanessa Bauer will pair up for Dancing On Ice credit:Bang Showbiz

Former 'Strictly Come Dancing' star Brendan Cole feels "apprehensive" that he might not be as good on 'Dancing on Ice' as people expect.

The professional dancer – who is swapping the ballroom for an ice rink in the new series of the ITV skating show – is worried people will have “high expectations” of him to be a top skater on the programme because of his dance experience, after he appeared on ‘Strictly' for 15 series.

He said: “I love the show, it’s a challenge. The people that know me from my old job, if you like, will have high expectations because I’m a dancer and it is dancing on ice.

"I’m apprehensive that I might not be as good as people think but at the same time, I’m quite positive that I’ll be able to do it.

“To what extent is another story but I’m excited for that challenge – how good can I get in the space of time we’ve got? That’s the reason for doing it, that challenge.”

Brendan has realised during rehearsals just how "bad" he is at skating slowly, and how different dancing on ice is.

He added: “As a kid I put ice skates on a couple of times and went out. I could skate round. But actually, one thing I did realise when I went for my initial skate for this show is how bad I was going slowly.

"The technical aspects of that were something else. I can go round and be fast but as soon as you have to do technical stuff and do it slowly and methodically, I was surprised at how hard it was.

"I was expecting to be able to do it instantly and I couldn’t."

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