Brenda Edwards shares letter sent by King Charles III after death of son Jamal

Loose Women panelist Brenda Edwards got emotional when she read out a letter sent to her by King Charles III following the death of her son, the entrepreneur Jamal Edwards.

Video transcript

- Dear Ms. Edwards, I particularly wanted to write and say how desperately sorry I was to hear the tragic news about your son, Jamal, and, above all, to send you my deepest sympathy. I can only begin to imagine what an immense and aching gap he will leave in your life and that of your daughter, Tanisha. And my heart goes out to both of you more than I can ever say.

I shall never forget Jamal's dedication and support in helping with my Prince's trust over the years, his commitment as an ambassador has made the most enormous difference to the trust's work and has helped to change the lives of countless disadvantaged young people.

Jamal was, I know, greatly respected and liked by my trust staff supporters and young people whom he met during the many years of his involvement. It will, I hope, be at least some consolation to reflect on the enormous legacy of achievement, which Jamal leaves and the immense affection in which he was held by so many.


I have such fond memories of the times I met him and can ill afford in this country to lose someone as exceptionally special as your dear son. I fear that this letter can only be hopelessly inadequate under such soul-destroying circumstances and will probably be of no comfort whatsoever in making your sense of anguish any easier to bear. But please know that you and your family are so very much in my thoughts and prayers at this saddest and most heartbreaking of times. Yours most sincerely, Charles.