Brenda Edwards emotional as she remembers late son on Loose Women

Brenda Edwards was emotional as she told how she believes her late son Jamal has sent her signs following his death. Marking the anniversary on the ITV show on Thursday (23 February), Edwards and her fellow panellists Judi Love, Charlene White and Kelle Bryan all wore blue, which was the music entrepreneur's and Chelsea fan's favourite colour.

Video transcript

- Brenda and her daughter Tanisha opened up for the first time together about continuing Jamal's legacy one year on from their loss. Have a look at this.

TANISHA ARTMAN: People holding us up and--

BRENDA EDWARDS: It's a blessing.

TANISHA ARTMAN: --keeping us going, yeah it is-- I do feel really kind of honored to have that because even if I do have a really bad day and I want to fall off, at the end of that bad day I'm like I've actually got something to do, and I've got-- I've got work to do. I've got--