Breakfast Snobbery: What’s The Obsession With Avocado All About?


[Photo: Instagram/symmetrybreakfast]

Avocados are everywhere; in the ‘Guac’, sliced, plated up with prawn cocktail, blended in smoothies, blitzed in a juice or just mashed and smothered on sough dough. Call it the of bane of my life or major bug bare, not entirely sure which. Either way, avocado is now in line with fashion accessories. They are all over the shop and for the life of me I can’t fathom why.

Yes they are healthy, packed with the protein stuff, they also go great with eggs. But surely, there are other options that health food fanatics could lay into. Yet, while out brunchin’, I notice them…The chia loving, quinoa quenching, soya consuming hipsters; they get visibly excited at the sight of a avocado brunch flatlay.

Maybe my gripe isn’t actually with avocados, more the mindset of their consumer. Because for some unknown reason, people are convinced that a slab of avocado over a dollop of Heinz makes them that bit more sophisticated.

Forgive me, unless avocados contain the elixir to immortality or everlasting youth, I can’t comprehend the breakfast snobbery of those who add them to everything.


This theory of mine isn’t based on any type of real research (no really it’s not), But like I still reckon that there’s certain criteria that needs to be met in order to be considered a Breakfast Snob.

It’s possible that you do one or more of the following. And if you do….I’m judging.

  • You believe your breakfast should be attractive, pretty and photo worthy.

  • You can taste the difference between a ‘cheap’ egg and a quality one. No Chicken eggs for you, strictly Duck?

  • Ambience is just as important as your food. In fact, possibly more important. Surroundings are everything and plush sofas, pretty chandeliers or rustic Hoxton joints are your thing.

  • You don’t bat an eyelid at a minimum spend of £25. Why? Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day of course!

  • And finally, if not most importantly, you know the difference between a Benedict, Royale and Florentine. I feel like its about time Avocado on Toast gets a more sophisticated name. Don’t you?


[Photo: Devina Wells]

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