This Break-Up-Themed Bar In LA Has Drinks With Names Like 'Ghosted'

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Instagram/breakupbarla

From Delish

Valentine's Day is no longer a formality just for people in happy relationships. Nowadays, there are tons of ways for singles to celebrate the day in their own punchy way. Hooters in America is letting you shred photos of your ex in exchange for wings, for example, and this Los Angeles bar, rightfully called BreakUp Bar, is a great V-Day outing if you're not about the flowers and chocolate.

Most importantly, the menu at this bar sounds perfect for the occasion. The selection of cocktails includes drinks with funny but fitting names like the 'I Dealt With Your Parents For Years', the 'Serious Baggage', and the 'Ghosted'. There are also select bottles of champagne to choose from, if you'd rather pop bubbly instead.

Photo credit: BreakUp Bar

BreakUp Bar is a pop-up in its second year of being open for Valentine's Day. The pop-up returned on 31 January and runs through 16 February, so if you're in LA and needed plans for this weekend, here they are. Along with the drinks, the food menu includes small bites like burrata and pretzels but also extravagant desserts like macarons, chocolate fondue, and a sugar cookie tower.

While the menu items sound amazing, it's the ambiance of BreakUp Bar that makes it sound like the ideal option for anyone who's single or fresh out of a relationship on Valentine's Day. There's an eight-foot 'Wall of Broken Relationships' where people can air out their grievances about their past lovers. The bar shares some quotes from the wall on their Instagram page and complaints like "Shave your neckbeard!" and "When you ordered a chocolate milk at a Mexican restaurant, I knew something was off" are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are also iconic break-up movies projected on a wall in the bar, so the ~vibe~ is for sure on point. You can make a reservation for BreakUp Bar online to ensure you get a table, and each reservation comes with a complimentary sparkling wine flight or cocktail. If you weren't already booked and busy for Valentine's Day, you are now!

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