Brandi Glanville, 51, Tightened Her 'Mommy Stomach' Using This Breakthrough Treatment: 'I Have Actual Abs' (Exclusive)

"I think any mother knows after kids the elasticity of your skin will never be the same," the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' alum told PEOPLE

<p>John Chapple</p> Brandi Glanville

John Chapple

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville is feeling more confident than ever after using a non-invasive breakthrough treatment to help tighten and improve the appearance of her "mommy stomach," an area she has admittedly been insecure about since having her boys.

Speaking about the experience exclusively with PEOPLE, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum, 51, described how she tried CellSound technology at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center to gear up for spring.

"I have actual abs," the The Traitors star proudly tells PEOPLE after completing six, 40-minute weekly sessions. "I have lines on my stomach that I haven't had since before I got pregnant."

The patented ultrasound technology uses therapeutic sound waves instead of thermal or freezing methods, so it doesn't damage the skin cells.

<p>John Chapple</p> Brandi Glanville

John Chapple

Brandi Glanville

During her first appointment at the med spa in January, Glanville talked about how feeling self-conscious about her stomach is what sparked her to seek improvement in what she says is her biggest problem area.

"I think any mother knows after kids the elasticity of your skin will never be the same," the mom of Mason, 20, and Jake, 16, shares.

Then during the pandemic, Glanville says she put on some extra weight — and when she lost it, she "just had that loose skin," which made her more determined to do something about it.

"I gained 20 pounds and I lost it and I was left with a bag of wrinkles," she shares. "And I really love — I have over 200 bikinis. I'm not joking. I'm just obsessed with them. So I want to feel proud of my age and my body and just be able to sit in a bikini."

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Describing what the procedure feels like, Glanville says it's completely painless. "There's no pain. I don't like pain. I feel like I'm doing abs right now. You're doing an ab workout. It doesn't hurt, but it's almost getting them tired."

After completing the six recommended visits targeting her abdomen, which cost around $720 per session, Glanville says she's highly motivated to maintain a healthier routine to complement her new look.

"When you see that [definition], you're like, 'Okay. I can get that back.' So it does make you want to go and work out a little bit and take care of yourself better."

<p>John Chapple</p> Brandi Glanville undergoing CellSound treatment

John Chapple

Brandi Glanville undergoing CellSound treatment

For the first time in years, Glanville feels she can go out and show off her midsection.

"I mean, to be honest, I haven't worn a crop top in years, and I literally feel comfortable going out in a crop top, which is so bizarre," she says. "Not that I feel like everyone should do that, but I can go work out with a crop top on and not feel like I have my mommy stomach and I shouldn't sit down. So it's definitely empowered me in that aspect."

"It's such a small thing to do to get that kind of definition," Glanville adds of the treatment, which can also be used on other problem areas.

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Dan Holtz, co-founder of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, spoke with PEOPLE about his dedication to the anti-aging and wellness space.

"We want to help people look and feel their best. So when Brandi came to us and said she felt self-conscious because she felt she was lacking elasticity on her stomach, we knew exactly what she needed," says Holtz.

The "wellness expert to the stars" launched BHRC with his partner Devin Haman in 2005 and now has over 25 locations in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona and New Jersey.

"The CellSound machine is actually becoming one of our most popular services, because you truly get the best of both worlds in the sense that it tightens the skin and get rid of fat. This is an easy way to tighten skin without going under the knife."

<p>John Chapple</p>

John Chapple

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As for Glanville, the L.A. native says she isn't striving for perfection. "I don't care if I have that little pooch there that I will never get rid of — because it reminds me of my babies."

"I always make them feel guilty. I'm like, I gave up my body for you. At least you could go to lunch with me," she jokes of using that "mom guilt that we're all going to use for the rest of their life."

The Unfiltered podcast host says her sons, whom she shares with ex husband Eddie Cibrian, are used to her being "very free" with her body. "But I've never been the person to wear half shirts in public."

Until now, that is, when suddenly her kids are seeing her do Target runs in her new look.

"They know mom dresses like a hooch," she jokes. "And they're like, 'You're so thin, you're good. You're fine. You don't need to work out.' And being thin has nothing to do with being healthy. I want to be thin and healthy and strong."

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