Brad Pitt F1 movie: Cast, release date, Lewis Hamilton involvement and more

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Lewis Hamilton arrives at the Miami circuit. Miami May 2023 Credit: Alamy
Lewis Hamilton arrives at the Miami circuit. Miami May 2023 Credit: Alamy

It is now common knowledge that Brad Pitt will star in a Formula 1-related film, with seven-time champ Lewis Hamilton also set to play a key role.

Formula 1’s stock has never been higher than it is right now, a popularity boom which can be traced back to Netflix’s hit docuseries ‘Drive to Survive’.

Since then Formula 1 and its stars have become an increasingly popular topic for content, and one of the most eagerly-anticipated future releases is a film which will feature megastar Brad Pitt.

So, let’s round-up all the details so far regarding this project which really could take interest in Formula 1 to that next level.

When will the Brad Pitt F1 movie be released and where can I watch it?

As of yet the name of this film has not been made official, nor has the date for when it will be available to watch.

What we do know though is that when it does hit the screen, it will do so courtesy of Apple who have secured the rights.

Who has been cast for the Brad Pitt F1 movie?

At this stage the full cast is yet to be revealed, but information from IMDb states that Pitt is not the only star confirmed so far to be appearing.

Alongside Pitt and Hamilton, the latter unlikely to be portraying an alternate character, IMDb also list British actor Damson Idris, plus Irish actress Kerry Condon, who is a BAFTA Award winner for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, claiming that award for her part in the film ‘The Banshees of Inisherin’.

She was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The plot of the film is set to cast Pitt as a Formula 1 driver who comes out of retirement to mentor a young driver as their team-mate, and Deadline are reporting that Idris will portray the young racer who Pitt mentors.

IMDb meanwhile understands that Condon will play the role of the team’s technical director.

How will Lewis Hamilton be involved in the Brad Pitt F1 movie?

Hamilton is set to assist with creation of the film in a producer and consultancy role, as part of his own recently established production company, Dawn Apollo Films.

Hamilton had said back in February 2023 that he was part of the audition phase to find the actor who would star alongside Pitt as part of the film’s key plot.

It has also been confirmed that Joseph Kosinski, director of the hit ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ film, will take on the same role for this F1 project, with Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced that sequel and the original, joining Hamilton as a producer for the F1 film.

Sticking with that Top Gun theme, Ehren Kruger has been assigned as the writer. recommends

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Will Brad Pitt be driving at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix weekend?

Filming for the movie is set to commence as of the 2023 British Grand Prix, where Pitt is expected to take to the Silverstone track, though not in an actual Formula 1 car as some rumours had suggested.

Instead, Pitt is expected to get behind the wheel of a Formula 2 or Formula 3 car, outside of live Formula 1 sessions.

“I’ve seen a lot of stories that say there’s gonna be an F1 car driven by Brad Pitt of the grid itself,” said Sky Sports F1’s lead commentator David Croft.

“And as much as I’m sure we’d love to see Brad Pitt driving an F1 car at Silverstone in the British Grand Prix, that is not the case.

“He won’t be driving an F1 car, likely an F2 or F3 car and it’s only going to be driven that weekend at the British Grand Prix when no sessions are taking place.

“So he won’t be out on the track, nobody will be out on the track whilst there’s an official session taking place.”

What has F1 said about the Brad Pitt F1 movie?

Understandably, Formula 1 is very upbeat about the potential benefits of the film, though president and CEO Stefano Domenicali did warn that its production will be “quite invasive” for those in the sport.

“When we started the collaboration with Netflix, the [F1] community said what’s going on? This is not our place to be,” said Domenicali during a meeting with F1 investors, as per

“And now we understand the power of it. And then we added the very strong presence with social media, making sure that all our drivers and teams are very active in promoting the sport.

“And that’s another tool with the movie. Actually, we’re going to start the shooting in Silverstone very soon, and you will see it will be the first movie when basically, they will be within the racing event.

“It will be quite invasive in terms of production, it’s something that we need to control in a way, but it will be another way of showing that F1 never stops.”

It is expected that the tiny 6K cameras developed for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ will see further use in this F1 film to take viewers inside the cockpit, so it is certainly a project where it is a case of pulling out all the stops as Formula 1 is introduced to an even larger audience.


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