There’s Now An App That Will Tell You Your Bra Size


Do you ever feel yourself trying to adjust your bra or pull it down or just ripping it off because it’s annoying you so much? Then fear not, because you’re the same as a million other women.

I find myself pulling my bra down when I’m even reaching up to get something off a shelf and I’m always sat there telling myself - “I swear this is my size”. But lately I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve got the right ‘fit’.

Shopping for lingerie is probably one of the most fun things you could do. Buying yourself some new bits and bobs and once they’re on, well, you feel fab-u-lous. But where’s the fun when in a few months or even weeks, your favourite bra is starting to cause you problems aka bra-blems! 

Some of the problems I’ve found in the past have been:

  • Twisting of straps: Ugh, you know something’s always the matter because you start to feel uncomfortable on one side of your back and when you go to check, voilà it’s a twisted strap! Trying to untwist a strap whilst you’re wearing the bra is a difficult task and unless you’ve got long arms or are just incredibly skilled in that area (which I’m unfortunately not) you usually have to take the bra off or pull it round to fix it.
  • The bra rising: You go to grab something off a high shelf and bam! Your bra starts to lift up, now I can only go on this being down to not the right fitting whether that be the bra in general or the back but being someone from the 'small boob party’, I can safely say that this has been an on and off problem throughout the years.
  • Straps falling down: Bra straps are the bane of my life and you know that your bra strap will probably fall down when you’re in the middle of doing something so it becomes even more annoying because you can’t fix it there and then and the only logical thing to do would be to tighten them, but that gets boring if you’re having to constantly do it - sometimes it’s better to be strapless.
  • Bras feeling loose: Everybody hates a loose bra, a new bra is the best because it’s tight and fitted and your chest feels and looks like its brand new but as soon as it starts to get loose you’re ready to go out shopping again. If a bra is super old then more than likely it will start to lose it’s 'spark’ but once again, it could just be that it doesn’t fit right.

Third Love 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra

Third Love is a lingerie company based in San Francisco which specifically look to cater for your perfect fit and the best thing about Third Love is that you don’t even have to leave your home to find your perfect fit, revolutionary I know. 

The company created an app that uses 'virtual sizing technology’ and from there used the research to design their own bra patterns to cater for the individuals - because no breasts are a standard size. All this means is: more sizes, more fits and less bra-blems!

Third Love have also created a little guide to save your day when it comes to bra troubles - because come on, you’re certainly wearing the wrong size!

  [Image: Third Love]

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