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To All The Boys fan? Kindly step this way. More than three and a half years since Lana Condor, Noah Centineo and co began filming the first movie in the franchise, the third and final film, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, is finally here and (sorry?) it’s probably going to bring a tear to the eye. And, do you know what else might do that? The way Lana and Noah talk about their IRL friendship.

Cosmopolitan UK caught up with the cast and asked them to spill their behind the scenes filming secrets, so ~if you can’t get enough of To All the Boys~ this little lot should definitely help keep the obsession alive. You’re so very welcome.

Lara Jean and Peter's IRL friendship is the cutest thing ever

The films might be done but we’ll always have Lara Jean and Peter's in real life friendship, and it’s so cute. "From the first moment I met him in the chemistry reads for the first film I just knew that... like we speak the same language," Lana told Cosmopolitan UK. "Our hearts kind of thump the same way... We’re very similar and often at times we know what each other is thinking, and I think that’s really special."

She added, "He’s been through this weird thing with me and so I think we’ll always be tied together."

As for what Noah thinks of his friendship with Lana? "I would say that we’re like a married couple at this point. Whenever we get together you feel extraordinarily comfortable with the person because I’ve worked with her for three and a half years now and it’s very seamless. It’s wonderful."

Photo credit: Katie Yu / Netflix
Photo credit: Katie Yu / Netflix

Anna kept Kitty’s ‘feminist’ necklace...

The cast all took mementos from set after filming wrapped, but Anna Cathcart (Kitty Covey) got the best one of them all IMO. "I got to take my feminist necklace that Kitty wears in all three films," she revealed. "She wears it with all of her outfits and I think it represents her so well too. It says a lot about her personality."

Photo credit: Katie Yu / Netflix
Photo credit: Katie Yu / Netflix

... While Noah took three books

"There’s a certain book in the third film that has a little bit of gravity, so I took three of those," he said. The actor also took a button down shirt and his name from the back of his actor's chair.

The dance scene at the prom was totally improvised

Well, most of it. Madeleine Arthur (Chrissy) said the tango was choreographed by Jordan Fisher who was on set the day of filming. "We were going to do this plain and simple tango and he said, 'Oh no you’ve got to do something better' because he's a very good dancer, so Ross and I did this elaborate tango."

And the person break dancing? Yes, that's Ross doing actual break dancing. "I used to break dance when I was younger up until I got really big and I couldn’t break dance anymore," Ross revealed, "but I have two moves left in my arsenal and those are the two moves you see there."

The cast can't agree on who's most romantic

When Cosmo UK asked the cast who the romantic one is, they basically all said Lana while Ross said Lana and Noah. But do they agree? Us: so how would you rate your real life romantic skills, Noah? "I don’t know, I guess you’d have to ask other people. I don’t know if I have the self-awareness to gauge if my romance is up to Peter Kavinsky’s levels. I hope so." We think that pretty much means yes?

As for Lana, she admits she’s definitely not as romantic as Lara Jean. "With these movies I think some people think I’m some sort of love cupid or some sort of deeply romantic person and, although I love love, I need to step up my game.”

Photo credit: Sarah Shatz / Netflix
Photo credit: Sarah Shatz / Netflix

No, Lana isn’t into baking in real life

When Lana was shooting her baking scenes she had to have a professional baker standing next to her to guide her through what she was making. "She’s like 'no, no that’s not right, do it this way'. Yeah, so that probably shows how much that’s not my forte." The actor also revealed author Jenny Han sends her baking utensils in the "hopes I’ll start to bake".

Photo credit: Katie Yu / Netflix
Photo credit: Katie Yu / Netflix

Anna reveals what made Lana and Noah crack up on set

Did they ever get told off for laughing too much when they were filming? Once, yes. "We can pull it together most of the time but this one scene we were shooting in the second movie [we did]," Anna said. "It was with Trina, Dad, Noah and Lana. This one line wasn’t even funny, but John said ‘bean’ instead of ‘beans’ when he was talking about dinner food and didn't put an ‘s’ on it. I don’t know why but it absolutely set off Lana and she could not stop laughing.

"Then Noah couldn't stop laughing because Lana couldn't stop laughing and because they were laughing I just lost it. Noah will totally crack up, but I’ve not seen him laugh like that ever. It was the funniest thing ever!"

Photo credit: Katie Yu / Netflix
Photo credit: Katie Yu / Netflix

The cast left love locks at the Namsan Tower

To All the Boys: Always and Forever starts off with the sisters on a family trip to Korea and when the cameras stopped rolling they got to explore and make a trip to the famous N Seoul Tower where they left love locks. "We left one together as sisters," Anna revealed. She also put one on for her sister while Janel put one on for her and her husband.

Photo credit: Juhan Noh / Netflix
Photo credit: Juhan Noh / Netflix

Wrapping the third film was as emotional as you'd expect

They started filming the franchise way back in summer 2017, so understandably it's been a huge part of the cast's lives. "When I shot my last scene it just hit me how grateful I am that I got this opportunity and how much I love the world that we built and how much I’ll miss playing Lara Jean. It’s like saying goodbye to a little part of yourself."

Noah added, "I think for me my biggest feeling is I’ve done my part. I really hope that when anyone who has watched these films and read the books watches this final instalment they feel a sense of happiness or peace or fulfilment. I hope they go: that was good."

Photo credit: Katie Yu / Netflix
Photo credit: Katie Yu / Netflix

All the cookies and cakes you see? They all got eaten

"They have to tell me to stop eating them sometimes because they've only made so many of them," Noah laughed.

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