29 Last-Minute Gifts For Boyfriends - You're Going to Win Partner of the Year

Take a breath and don't panic. You might not have a present for your boyfriend yet, but we're here to help. We found amazing gift ideas from places that offer expedited shipping and awesome deals. Because, let's be honest, we want to be the people that have all our shopping done before Thanksgiving, but the reality is, we're still browsing up until days before we're supposed to have presents ready to go. If you've dragged your feet on holiday shopping, take a look at these wonderful items you can get expedited shipping for.

What do we think he'll love this season? Well, we're gifting cool gadgets, fashion pieces he'll actually wear, and lots of games, because they're fun for everyone. If you have absolutely no clue what to get the men in your life, we recommend starting here. You still have time, so get to shopping!

- Additional reporting by Macy Cate Williams

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