Man charges girlfriend £60 a day for paint job - reasonable?

A man is charging his girlfriend £60 to decorate her bedroom [Photo: Getty]
A man is charging his girlfriend £60 to decorate her bedroom [Photo: Getty]

A woman has turned to the Internet to ask if it’s fair that her boyfriend, who works as a painter and decorator, is charging her £60 a day to paint her bedroom!

When you’re in a relationship there needs to be a little bit of give and take, a cooked meal here, a lift home from a night out there. But when it comes to bigger favours, is it fair to charge your other half?

That’s exactly the question one woman posed to the parenting site Netmums.

The woman explained that she has been seeing her boyfriend for five months, though they don’t live together. She’s asked him to paint her bedroom for her, which he said is going to take two days and that he would charge her £60 to complete the work.

She finished the post by asking whether that was reasonable.

Most think this is a major warning sign with many advising the poster to dump her boyfriend for expecting her to pay to do work for her.

“To me, this would be a massive red flag,” one user wrote. “At this stage, he should be trying to woo you, convince you that he is the man you want to be with. Charging you is NOT that.

“Listen, there are people who carry on like this through relationships and even marriage- stingy, penny, pinching, heartless scrooges,” she continued. “And it’s not just going to be in financial things too. They will weigh and count up everything they do for you and expect high payment back. This is NOT love.”

“Personally, I would be horrified if my partner charged me to help out,” another agreed. “I would also never consider charging a partner for helping them. As a couple, surely it’s normal to help one another out?”

“Ah……….. no, he shouldn’t charge you and I would actually run for the hills,” another woman commented.

“Nope. Would you charge him if you were to cook for him. Or help him out in anyway???” another wrote simply.

Is it fair for a man to charge his girlfriend £60 a day for painting her bedroom? [Photo: Getty]
Is it fair for a man to charge his girlfriend £60 a day for painting her bedroom? [Photo: Getty]

But not everyone thought the woman’s boyfriend was being unreasonable in charging her for the work.

“Is he self employed? Tbh I think it is fair he charges you, you don’t live together and he’s still doing work for you,” one user wrote.

“If he is self employed then yes because that’s the time he could be getting paid for doing another job somewhere else!” another commented.

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And people were left fuming on behalf of a bride who discovered her partner’s Tinder profile just two days before their wedding.

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