Boy Meets World's Danielle Fishel And Wonder Years' Danica McKellar Share Adorable Pic 'Decades In The Making'

 Danielle Fishel in Panera commercial, Danica McKellar in The Winter Palace
Danielle Fishel in Panera commercial, Danica McKellar in The Winter Palace

Many who came of a certain age through the 1990s experienced puppy-dog crushes on two of TV’s neatest and sweetest teen queens, Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel and The Wonder Years fave Danica McKellar. Given that the latter series was canceled just a few months before BMW’s TGIF debut (both on ABC), the two actresses never shared the screen as their characters Topanga Lawrence and Winnie Cooper, but fans can now finally experience the next best thing, albeit 30 years later, in the form of an adorable photo that could have feasibly been taken many years prior.

Fishel spent the weekend with her former Boy Meets World co-stars and current Pod Meets World co-hosts Rider Strong and Will Friedle at the latest ‘90s Con, which was held in Tampa. Perhaps obviously, McKellar was also present at the throwback convention to meet up with The Wonder Years fans while promoting her line of informative and affirmational McKellar Math books. And at some point, the stars and heavens aligned for the two celebs to not only meet up, but also to document the occasion with a cutesy-wootsy pic.

Now I know I’m not the only one whose mind instantly flocked to lofty hypotheticals for how Danielle Fishel and Danica McKellar could bring their acting talents together on the small screen. The first idea, which would also be the least likely one, would be a double-headed revival in which Topanga and a time-traveling Winnie meet up, become BFFs, and probably take over the world, as inspired by the sage advice of Norma Arnold and George Feeny. If not that, though, any kind of completely unrelated project led by the duo would work as well.

Given how synonymous McKellar has become with made-for-TV movies — she most recently co-wrote and executive-produced the GAF holiday movie Royal Christmas Ball — I’m sure fans would also love to see her team up with Fishel in that kind of context. But maybe one with more of a ‘90s vibe. Sign me up.

To be expected, the Wonder Years vet responded to the picture post with some positivity. But what fans might not have expected is for her former co-star Jason Hervey to also chime in. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Danica McKellar: 😍😍😍

  • Jason Hervey: Hello my friends!! What a pic!!

Beyond both being TV fixtures through the 1990s and beyond, there’s further connective tissue between the two actresses, which fans of their respective shows no doubt already thought of. McKellar starred opposite Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold (whom she totally crushed on during the early years), while Fishel’s on-screen romantic foil for the bulk of Boy Meets World and its sequel series Girl Meets World was Ben Savage.

The former Cory Matthews portrayer is campaigning for California’s 30th congressional district, and reportedly isn’t one to hang out with his former co-stars, making him already something of a white whale guest for Pod Meets World. Maybe that’s the show that Fishel and McKellar can do together: two actresses trying to locate their former co-star that they haven’t spoken with in years, and he may or may not be a secret government agent. Extra points if Melissa Joan Hart can jump on board as a third lead.