The #bottlecapchallenge: What is the social media trend and why has it gone viral?

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
Have you given the bottle cap challenge a go yet? [Photo: Instagram]

From the ice bucket challenge of summer 2014 to the more questionable (not to mention dangerous) Tide Pod competition, it can prove tricky being down with the social media trends of the moment.

Now, a new celebrity-approved movement is well underway with Instagram users competing in the #bottlecapchallenge.

What is the bottle cap challenge?

Participants must first place a bottle on a solid surface with the cap loosely twisted shut.

The aim of the game is to unleash the cap with a single roundhouse kick (the karate term for a swift circular strike of the leg) - without using your hands of course.

It didn’t take long for the celebrity world to join in either, as singer John Mayer took to Instagram to share his own (admittedly successful) attempt at the challenge.

Demonstrating how to nail the trend in one fell swoop, the 41-year-old filmed himself performing the roundhouse kick in slow motion - knocking the cap off without hesitation.

“Is there anything this man can’t do?” one fan commented.

While another wrote, “Another reason why I wanna marry him.”

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Though fans weren’t the only ones admittedly bowled over, as singer Shawn Mendes also commented: “I actually can’t believe this, wow.”

Mayer then challenged actor Jason Statham to give it ago in the caption.

Sure enough, the silver screen star accepted the proposition and also took full advantage of his iPhone’s slow motion option.

After making it look effortless, the 51-year-old then challenged Guy Ritchie to the competition - though the film director has yet to film himself giving it a go. Perhaps he’s still practicing at home...

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor upped the ante and challenged rival boxer Floyd Mayweather to give it a go.

The question is, have you tried it out yet?

Before trialling the trend, we recommend checking out North Carolina karate instructor Seth Adams’ impressive skills.

Tackling the trend with strength and speed, Adams blew followers away with a double spin and kick - knocking the cap off with ease.

We challenge you to try it out.

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