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25,000 fans swear by these $8 'Shark Tank'–famous cleaning tablets for removing water bottle gunk

If you're someone who drinks coffee out of a metal tumbler, you know how grimy (and smelly!) those bottles can get over time. And while it might be tempting to toss them once they've taken on a brownish hue, there's a product that just might be able to salvage even the ickiest of thermoses: Bottle Bright. First made famous on Shark Tank (it scored a deal!), these cleaning tablets were formulated to bust through stubborn, caked-on stains and eliminate odors from practically any drinking vessel or container. But most exciting? There's no scrubbing required!

If this zero-effort cleaner had a theme song, it would be 'No Scrubs.'

$17 at Amazon

Let's face it — even if we wanted to clean the gunk out of our bottles, you'd have to have doll-sized hands to fit inside those narrow openings. Plus, once the interior is stained, it's really hard to remove caked-on crud simply by using soap and a scrub brush.

That's where Bottle Bright comes in. Similar to Alka-Seltzer, these small tablets fizz up when dropped into water, creating bubbles that are able to cut through muck that's been there for who knows how long. All you do is fill your bottle with warm water, drop one in, wait 15-30 minutes, empty and rinse. Zero elbow grease, and you won't have to keep shelling out for new travel mugs!

Bottle Bright can be used to clean cups and containers of all types, whether they're made of metal, ceramic or plastic. And not only will they make your food and drink holders shine like new, they'll also leave behind a fresh scent. Rancid coffee smells, be gone!

someone placing a bottle cleaning tablet into a tumbler
No more squeezing your hand through that teeny bottle opening! (Photo: Amazon)

Bottle Bright has racked up nearly 25,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, so you know it's doing something right!

"I use my thermos for tea every day," shared a satisfied sipper. "Needless to say, the inside gets quite colored with tea residue over years of use. ... I was blown away by how effective the tablets were. ... I left it to sit overnight (though it may not have been necessary). In the morning, the thermos was sparkling clean with no scrubbing. ... No tea residue, no weird smells from the chemicals, just clean. This was the easiest cleaning job I have ever done and almost wish I had more scummy mugs to use this with, it's so satisfying."

"I bought these tablets because we use metal water bottles, and a few were just ready for a good clean that I couldn't get myself due to the openings being so small," wrote another happy shopper. "My husband's was totally coffee-stained and he didn't want to use it anymore. ... When I rinsed them out, his coffee stains rinsed away with no effort, and my metal water bottle smelled fresh again! They leave behind a fresh scent and I was curious if taste would be affected, but no need to worry!"

"If I'd known about this product, I could've saved a lot of money on new water bottles," lamented a final fan. "Works great and quickly. Shiny, like a brand-new bottle. A must-have, especially if you have kids that leave sugary drinks in their bottle."

You paid too much for your Stanley tumbler to let it collect filth, let Bottle Bright restore it!

$17 at Amazon

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