Boost Ice Creams Exist And We're Getting A Brain Freeze Just Thinking About Them

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Cadbury

From Delish

Each night before I go to bed, I kneel down in my nightshirt and cap, and pray to the ice cream gods that one day a Boost ice cream will exist. And will you look at this – my prayers worked!

Cadbury’s Boost Fully Boosted ice cream sticks have been spotted in Tesco, so I’m glad to say my knees have not been left covered in callusses in vain.

Instagram account FoodReviewUK spotted them in the freezer aisle, and posted a photo saying: “Errrr not sure if these Boost ice creams are new 🍫🍦 they were labelled as such but seemed familiar.”

The Cadbury website describes the ice creams as, “Chocolate ice cream with toffee sauce, caramel pieces and digestive crumble covered in Cadbury milk chocolate.”

Sounds pretty special, eh?

As well as a lot of very excited comments on the post, one person wrote: “Unfortunately they are awful. Been out for quite a while in Iceland and just taste of chocolate and nothing else.”

Wahhhhhhh. Say it ain’t so?!?!

Guess we’ll just have to try them ourselves to find out.

If they do end up being a bit of a flop, at least we have Asda’s Elf ice cream to fall back on.

Asda is selling tubs of Elf Really Creamy Ice Cream for just £1.68. It’s described as having a "fabulously festive swirl of green raspberry and white candy floss flavours, and is scattered with candy cane sugar sprinkles.”

But we’re not giving up on those Boost ice creams just yet, so watch this space…

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