This is the book Kipchoge is reading as he preps for the Tokyo Olympic Games

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Photo credit: Dean Mouhtaropoulos - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dean Mouhtaropoulos - Getty Images

Preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games men's marathon are going well, Eliud Kipchoge, the fastest marathon runner in the world, reveals from his training camp in Kenya. Kipchoge revealed he will fly out to Tokyo at the end of the month and fended off questions on whether this would be his last professional race with the answer 'you'll see me around'.

But what does the man himself do in his spare time? We already know he's a fan of an afternoon nap and this very catchy Kelly Clarkson song, but what does he do to unwind at camp? 'When I am free I like reading books. I read books to get more knowledge as a human being.'

When asked what he was currently reading, Kipchoge looked over to his bedside table and replied 'Atomic Habits by James Clear'. An international bestseller, Atomic Habits is 'an easy proven way to build good habits and break bad ones'.

While we'd love to know more about the habits of the only man to ever run a sub-2 marathon, Kipchoge said 'I think that's the best book for everybody to read and get knowledge from'.

When asked what books he'd be taking to Sapporo with him, Kipchoge answered, 'I have not decided, but right now, I trust I will have finished Atomic Habits before going to Sapporo, but if I don't finish I will carry that with me. If I do finish, I will be reading A Promised Land by Barack Obama.'

Here's hoping both books give him the motivation he needs to win another Olympic medal in Sapporo.

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