Bono presents Steven Spielberg with Berlin Film Festival's Golden Bear

Bono presented Steven Spielberg with the Honorary Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival on Tuesday.

During a ceremony in Germany on Tuesday, the Jurassic Park director was presented the event's Honorary Golden Bear for Lifetime Achievement by U2 frontman Bono.

"I feel a little alarmed to be told I've lived a lifetime because I'm not finished I want to keep working. I want to keep learning and discovering and scaring the s**t out of myself and sometimes the s**t out of you," Spielberg commented on receiving the Golden Bear, via Deadline. "I gotta get back to some of those earlier scary movies but that's another story for later on. As long as there's joy in it for me and as long as my audience can find joy and other human values in my films, I'm reluctant to ever say that's a wrap."

Referring to his 1972 debut feature and 1975 blockbuster Jaws, he continued, "I've been directing a long time, six decades, but it feels to me like I directed Duel and Jaws last year...

"At 76, I know a lot more about moviemaking than I did when I was 25 and directed my first feature. But the anxieties, the uncertainties and the fears that tormented me as I began shooting Duel have stayed vivid for 50 years as if no time has passed."

Elsewhere in his speech, Spielberg noted the "particular meaning" the award held for him as "a Jewish director" in Berlin, saying, "I like to believe that this is a small moment and a much larger, ongoing effort of healing the broken places of history, what Jews called Tikkun Olam, the repairing and restoring of the world."