Bolton Wanderers eye-watering energy bill - but it could have been much worse

Mike Gregson took this great photo at the UniBol
Mike Gregson took this great photo at the UniBol

Bolton Wanderers are spending an eye-watering £2million a year on energy bills, says chief executive Neil Hart.

The revelation was made on Thursday night at the Supporters’ Trust’s AGM, at which Hart explained that the club is by no means exempt from the cost-of-living crisis which has affected the whole of the nation.

“I’m not joking when I say it costs £2m to heat and light this place,” he said, referring to the University of Bolton Stadium, “It is astronomical.“I will say, we were really lucky because we went out to market just before the energy crisis went through the roof. If we would have done that after it happened, it would have been £3m.

“I remember in the boardroom with people saying ‘oh my word, £2m’ but six months later had we not signed that deal we would have been spending another £1m on energy.”

Hart has resolved to look at more environmentally friendly options around the stadium including LED lighting and the use of solar panels.

The infrastructure of the stadium, which opened in 1997, is also showing signs of wear and tear which have been costly to the club’s owners, Football Ventures.

“We could sink £5m into the stadium and not even see it,” he said. “We have to take a pragmatic approach to infrastructure in the stadium. We have done a number of maintenance jobs to certain roofing areas of the stadium where there has been water leakage but if you are a spectator and there are dripping issues where you are, please report them and your seat number to reception and we will look at it.

“We have done some major work in the corners, and it does cost a considerable amount of money. It is a work in progress. But please do report it.”