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Kat Edison

Kat and Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) may have broken up, but they're trying to be friends now. It doesn't go well at first, but when they team up to try to bring down RJ Safford (Aidan Devine), the head of the publishing company, they realize they still work well together.

Kat makes it her mission to shed light on what RJ is doing behind the scenes, concerning discrimination. When he puts a stop to Adena publishing something on how harmful conversion therapy is, Kat realizes it's because RJ supports a senator who supports conversion therapy. She gets ahold of his tax returns, proving he donates to the senator.

Kat releases RJ's tax returns publicly, forcing him to step down from his position. Unfortunately, it also means Kat is out of a job for breaking the law.

The Bold Type: Catch Up on Season 4 Before New Episodes Start Up This Week

The Bold Type doesn't shy away from putting tough issues in the forefront, including rape, workplace bullying, LGBTQ+ equality, and breast cancer, all while tackling them in a smart and educational way. In season four, Jane (Katie Stevens) takes charge with her BRCA gene mutation diagnosis, Kat (Aisha Dee) challenges the higher-ups in Scarlet about shutting down a piece on conversion therapy, and Sutton (Meghann Fahy) goes after a job that she wants and deserves. The three close friends have each other's backs through everything, including being Jane's support system at the doctor and giving Sutton the best bachelorette celebration. And that's exactly where season four's midseason finale left us. The remaining eight episodes of the show are back soon, so before they air, let's recap where we left off.


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