The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: should Luna take a DNA test?

 Luna (Lisa Yamada) looks concerned in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Luna (Lisa Yamada) looks concerned in The Bold and the Beautiful.

At this point in Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) journey on The Bold and the Beautiful, she’s not going to get answers from her mother, Poppy (Romy Park) about her father’s identity. Should she take a DNA test and solve the mystery herself? After the March 18 episode, we think so, and we think the results might prove fascinating.

Luna, who is still furious with her mother about the special mints that led her to sleep with Zende Forrester (Delon De Metz) while thinking she was with beau RJ (Joshua Hoffman), wants to talk to her father about the situation. Her mother is too close to the issue and therefore isn’t a good source of solace. She doesn’t want to tell Bill (Don Diamont) what happened and risk driving a wedge between him and Poppy, and she can’t talk to any of the Forresters because that would destroy her career and her relationship.

Bill knows she wants to meet her father, and he’s smart enough to suggest a DNA test as a possible solution. However, Bill is tied to Poppy and he knows Poppy is keeping this information a secret for a reason. The thing is, though, that he really wants to be Luna’s father and if he wanted to press the issue, he might suggest a DNA test for the simple sake of proving, once and for all, that Luna isn’t his daughter. (For the record, we wish he was her father. They’re great together!)

Poppy went to Finn (Tanner Novlan) in hopes of convincing him to be a positive male presence in his cousin’s life. She won’t reveal Luna’s father to him, but she said that Luna was "conceived in love." We think she might have slept with Finn’s father during an illicit affair with her sister’s husband, and that’s why she’s not naming Luna’s father.

But her bright idea to have Finn involved could be her undoing, as Finn is a doctor and he’s going to have a very different take on things. He might be the one to suggest a DNA test, and that could lead to some very uncomfortable answers if his father’s DNA is on record somewhere. It could be disastrous if his own DNA is on file — he may have had his DNA tested knowing he was Sheila’s (Kimberline Brown) son — and if his DNA is in the system, then it would show that he and Luna are siblings.

If Luna takes a DNA test, she’s likely to find the answers she’s been looking for. The problem, unbeknownst to her, is that the answers will only complicate things for everyone around her.

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