A Bodyweight Abs & Core Workout for Any Level of Fitness

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Warmer weather and the imminent unveiling of paddling pools, busy work and home lives, a predilection for pizza and a beer for the weekend (we're counting Thursday, too, obviously) results in even the fittest of us 9-5 athletes struggling to keep on the straight and narrow.

Enter the motivational one-two that is MH Elite coach Faisal Abdalla and friend of Men's Health Tom Lowe. Their four-move ab's circuit tasks you with working for 40 seconds, then taking 20 seconds rest before starting the next exercise. The goal is six full circuits, but start at four if that's big ask and then build your way up next session.

Find the movements below and watch Faisal and Tom run through every exercise with a beginner and advanced options for each one. Then get to it.

1) Shoulder Tap 40 secs works/20 secs rest

2) Butterfly Sit-up 40 secs works/20 secs rest

3) Hollow Body Rock 40 secs works/20 secs rest

4) Russian Twist 40 secs works/20 secs rest

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