Bodybuilder Marcus Filly Ends Arm Day Strong With This Brutal Kettlebell Finisher

Functional bodybuilding coach and six-time CrossFit Games competitor Marcus Filly recently shared a look at the kettlebell exercises he uses to finish off his arm day workouts in a short YouTube video.

"One kettlebell is all you need to have a great arm finisher," says Filly. "If you want to hammer your triceps and your biceps, try these movements back to back to back for three sets."

Filly starts with a single-arm kettlebell offset press-up, performing 6 to 8 reps on each arm. He then moves his kettlebell to a central position, adopts a narrow grip on the handle, and follows this with a set of 12 tricep press-ups. Then finally, he stands up and performs curls with the kettlebell, using three distinct grips: the hammer grip, horn grip, and crush grip.

"Mixing together these tricep and bicep movements back to back with a single kettlebell is a great way to get an arm workout with minimal equipment, and you don't need much time," he says.

Filly later posted a similar workout finisher to his Instagram, where in addition to the horn grip curl and offset pushups, he also used the kettlebell to perform Russian twists, an ab-training move that really lights up the core. He selected a slightly lighter weight for this one, and did each of these exercises every minute on the minute (EMOM) for a total of three rounds, completing the entire routine in just 10 minutes.

"Choose a light kettlebell and aim for reps you can confidently complete every single minute," he explained in the caption. "That might mean being conservative and going for the lower rep number in each instance. You have to move fast as you can see, but you should still show control."

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