Top body cheats to get bridal buff

Getwed.com3 May 2012

Bronzed bride

Treating yourself to a spray tan – particularly those in beauty salons which include exfoliation – will help you look slimmer for your wedding day. Having a healthy glow not only gives the appearance of weight loss, but the confidence boost it will give you will also improve your posture, which can make you appear slimmer. With a bronzed body, you can also bid farewell to cellulite and blemishes as the tan cleverly disguises any flaws – what every bride needs! Don’t forget that a good all-over body moisturise using a rich body butter will make any exposed parts of your body (namely upper arms, if you’re wearing a full-length wedding dress) look in better condition.

Swap wedding underwear for shapewear

Understandably, donning control pants under your wedding dress isn’t the first thing you’d consider for your wedding day. But if you’re a savvy bride in search of a quick figure fix, then sporting some control or contour underwear during the wedding day (think about the photographs!) and slipping into something smaller and sexier for after hours will mean you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll be sucked in and supported all day with minimum effort – even after the delicious wedding breakfast! As long as you try your wedding dress on with the chosen underwear before the big day to make sure there are no visible seams, then you should wear your contour underwear with confidence all day.

woman exercising with weights
woman exercising with weights

Be a bloat free bride

Being the proud owner of a flat tummy can instantly make you appear slimmer all over, as the stomach is typically the body area we associate with weight and body shape. Avoiding bloat-inducing foods during the week before your wedding could help you beat the bulge and slip into your wedding dress. Cut down on starchy carbohydrates such as bread and pasta and try to minimize your salt and sugar intake too. Also, try to avoid carbonated drinks – save the champagne for the big day! While this may not shift weight dramatically, you should notice a drop in weight from reduced water retention, which is usually the main cause of the pot-bellied look.

Achieve your wedding washboard stomach

As well as avoiding certain foods before your wedding day, there are several foods you can add into your pre-wedding diet to keep your tummy looking flat. To counteract bloating caused by salt overload in your diet, up your intake of potassium-rich foods such as bananas and dried fruit, which are the perfect accompaniments to your handbag. Alternatively, get rid of excess gas by supplementing your meals with digestive enzymes (such as papain and bromelain) and taking charcoal capsules, which can help to soak up the gas and toxins that lead to bloating. So you can eat your way to looking good.

Have a quick pre-wedding workout

While regular exercise is the best route to a great body, some last-minute toning before your big day can help your body look in better shape. To emphasise any muscles on show, or stomach muscles if you have your honeymoon in mind, give them a workout with some last-minute targeted exercises, such as sit-ups, lunges and bicep curls. The rush of blood to your muscles will temporarily tighten them up to leave them looking more defined. Not only that, the endorphins released by exercise will help you feel more self-confident and banish those pre-wedding jitters, so you’ll be turning heads come your big day. If you’re short on time (what bride isn’t?), then how about a swim to both de-stress and tone up your body? If getting two things done at once is your dream then swimming is the answer for busy brides. Read more on
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