Your Body Is Capable of Experiencing 9+ Types of Orgasms. Here’s How To Enjoy Them All

Depending on where your Google Search leads you, you'll find that there are between four to 28+ different types of orgasms someone with a vagina can experience. The topic has been debated time and time again, with experts and orgasm-havers delving into the countless ways they've experienced pleasure. And of course there are a handful of the best sex positions and techniques to help master the ultimate O. But the best part? This so-called "ultimate O" can happen in more ways than one, proving that the body really is a wonderland.

From clitoral to nipple orgasms, there are alternating ways to reach euphoria between the sheets. Whether you want to have your first O or you're looking to spice things up with your partner, it's our pleasure to enlighten you on the different kinds of orgasms a person with a vagina can have, as well as how to have more of 'em. While there might be a debate on the number of ways you can reach climax, the following types of orgasms are surefire hits when it comes to coming. You want love? Here's how to make it.

-Additional reporting by Nicole Yi and Taylor Andrews

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