Bobby Brown feels guilty over son's drug overdose death

Bobby Brown partly blames himself for exposing his son Bobby Brown, Jr. to his own drug use following the 28-year-old's overdose death last year.

Coroners recently ruled Brown, Jr. died after accidentally ingesting a deadly cocktail of drugs and alcohol on 18 November, when he was found unresponsive at his Los Angeles home, but the singer insists his son wasn't an addict.

"He wasn't a user. He would experiment with different things. It wasn't like he was dependent on drugs like when I was in my situation," the My Prerogative hitmaker claimed on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk show.

Addressing his own history of substance abuse, he said, "I depended (on it), I needed it. He was a young man who tried the wrong stuff and it took him out of here."

Bobby admitted he feels somewhat responsible for his son's decision to dabble in drugs, because Brown, Jr. had witnessed his dad high growing up.

"I've been through my time, and I know my time played a part in my son feeling he could test something," he shared of his troubled past. "I feel guilty about that."

The musician also confessed losing Brown, Jr. was "very unexpected, just like losing" his daughter with the late Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, who died in 2015, six months after she was found unresponsive in her bathtub, with drugs listed as a contributing factor in her passing.

Despite the latest family tragedy, Bobby has managed to maintain his 19-year sobriety from drugs, while revealing he forced himself to quit alcohol almost a year ago, as his body could no longer handle the abuse.

"My body started shutting down because I was drinking that much. My body was giving out on me...," he explained. "I couldn't accept going to the bathroom on myself (sic)."