Bobbi Brown’s refreshing outlook on beauty and confidence is something we all need to hear today

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Trust make-up artist Bobbi Brown to join TikTok and go viral faster than most of us can master a smokey eye. Since landing on the video platform, the MUA’s useful tips and tricks have amassed millions of views – all thanks to a host of excellent over-50s makeup hacks, simple one-step routines and practical beauty lessons.

Now, the Jones Road founder has taken to TikTok once again to share an important lesson in beauty and confidence – one that we probably all need to hear right now. 'Stop listening to what other people say beauty is. Beauty is about being comfortable in your skin. It’s being confident and, honestly, it just really comes from how you feel about yourself,’ she told her followers.

‘For me, I had to learn early on that I can’t compare myself to other people; I can’t compare myself to supermodels and I certainly can’t compare myself to celebrities that walk the runway after I’ve just done their makeup.’

In the candid post she says that ‘confidence for me is being comfortable, being 5 foot tall, smiling and being happy that I’m healthy and surrounded with love.’ Yes, Bobbi!

What sets Bobbi Brown's videos apart?

Of course, since her fledgling make-up artist days, breaking the mould has been something of a signature for Bobbi Brown. Back in 1991, it was championing make-up that enhanced your natural beauty for her then eponymous brand; today, it’s standing out in a sea of weird and wonderful TikTok beauty trends on a platform once limited to Gen Z-ers.

Yep, amidst the ‘lube primer’, rainbow contouring hack and DIY everything, Bobbi Brown’s classic make-up tips feel like a welcome anomaly in the TikTok beauty space right now. Better yet, it's encouraging a new audience to embrace the video platform too.

As for how the MUA has piqued the interest of TikTok beauty obsessives? Simply because of the honest, easy-to-digest videos in which the Jones Road Beauty founder answers direct questions posed by her legion of fans–from how to banish dark circles to mastering make-up for hooded eyes.

What are Bobbi's best make-up videos on TikTok?

Below, find six of Bobbi Brown's most popular TikTok videos, packed with handy beauty secrets that you can apply to your everyday make-up looks. Plus, all the details on the just-landed What The Foundation, a tinted moisturiser meets foundation packed with skin-loving ingredients for the ultimate no makeup-makeup look.

'Reply to @codyplofker0 I don’t like traditional foundation, so why are we coming out with one? What The Foundation is unlike any traditional foundation. Today is the day, I’m so secured. It’s light, moisturizing, and beautiful. #beautytok #foundation #cleanfoundation'

'Reply to @lorihammer Here are my beauty tips for women over 50. #jonesroadbeauty #cleanmakeup #miracebalm'

'How about a 1 step makeup routine when you’re feeling rushed or lazy? This is what I use. #cleanbeautytok #jonesroadbeauty #cleanmakeup #beauty101'

'Use makeup to bring out your beauty, not change or cover up. Let’s bring out that inner beauty. #beautyrevolution #beauty101 #beautyschool #jonesroadbeauty #beautytok'

'I love helping women feel more confident. What does confidence mean to you? Why helps you feel confident? #beautyrevolution #beauty101 #beautyschool #beautytok #jonesroadbeauty'

'I don’t wear much makeup in January after the holidays. But I’m ready again, yet I’m as busy as every. Here’s a one and done routine… @jonesroadbeauty'

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