We’re So On Board With This Edible Bouquet Trend

Marianna Gould
Photo credit: Bloomsbysindy / jemi.studio

From Delish

If you’ve been mindlessly scrolling through social media as much as we have been lately, then you’ll probably have seen all those edible bouquets that have been doing the rounds. Similar to the amazingly-decorated flower focaccias that have also taken Instagram by storm, these edible bouquets are the newest trend to bless our Twitter timelines. And let’s just say, we’re more than happy to welcome them.

But what are they? Well, they’re basically a cluster of all your favourite foods, bunched together to imitate a bouquet of flowers. And they’re kind of beautiful. Best friends, partners and even some relatives have been getting involved with the trend as a way of showing their loved ones just how much they care.

Chocolate bouquets seem to be the most common, with many businesses jumping on the trend and offering customers a choice of bouquets that combine the most delicious and popular chocolates on the market. The bouquets are packaged beautifully and make the most show-stopping gift.

Funky Hampers UK is one brand that is selling plenty of edible bouquets including the likes of a Giant Retro Sweet Bouquet and even a Prosecco and Lindor Chocolate Bouquet.

But don't worry. It’s not just chocolate bouquets we’re seeing, people are making all sorts of edible creations including fruit bouquets, buttercream bouquets and even custom CHARCUTERIE BOUQUETS (yes, really).

So, if you find yourself struggling to think of something original to send your partner, check out these adorable edible bouquets. Heck, why not make one yourself?

Anyway, flowers are SO last year.

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